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Nokia Beacon 1 Mesh Router 3 Pack $220 Delivered @ Tech Armor AU via Amazon AU


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Been Looking for a (possibly) compatible mesh system for my Optus 5G home broadband, apparently these will work, hopefully I can return if not.

See comments below Re; this is compatible with some know how and new firmware?


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  • I can confirm these do work but you need some patience and a bit of know how. Essentially Nokia will send out new firmware to your modem which is locked down by Optus. The discovery process is still a little tedious but you will get there in the end. I like my MESH setup…

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      I can confirm these do work

      OP should add that to the description.

    • Does the new firmware break the Optus lock?

    • So the Optus firmware is replaced by the Nokia sent firmware?
      If So,
      Are you able to confirm if bridge mode works with the Nokia firmware?

    • Hi Looch97

      is the firmware online so we could download it?

      • even if it is downloadable, the 'userAdmin' account that we have been given access to doesnt have the firmware update/upload section. There must be an 'admin' user that we don't have the password to

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    Beacon 1 Mesh

    I read that as Bacon & Mash…

    That's what happens when you skip lunch…

  • I have Optus 4G Home Broadband and I was gonna setup a mesh system but use the nodes as AP with the OG router given by Optus instead of one router and two APs I guess.. Not sure how well this would work, but need to try it out I guess

  • Do you have to be with Optus to use these? Why’s everyone keep talking about Optus??

    • Nah you don't have to be with Optus. Everyone is talking about the Nokia Beacon 1 because it is compatible with Optus 5G.

    • Sorry posting this with kids home from school, Optus 5G uses the Nokia Fastmile 5G router which dosnt appear compatible with any other mesh system

  • Would be interested to see if this is compatible with the Telstra Smart Modem v2. Both Easymesh certified:

    • If these are compatible with the Telstra Smart Modem someone let me know too. Would be very helpful. Thank you.


      Wouldn't you just bridge it and run it with these? Have done that with a variety of routers

      • Yes, I guess you can. But the the router in your setup would only form part of the network but not the mesh network


          Why would you wanna mix equipment in a Mesh Setup, even if it could, anyway?

          Google and other mesh products are designed to be used on their own. Many of these aftermarket mesh setups would have better routing capabilities then BYO modem/routers anyway.

          To answer your original question, I don't see how it will work.

          You are over complicating IMO, the Telstra Modem is just that, a Modem, and a good one. Use it in Bridge, turn off all wifi broadcasting and let a dedicated Mesh setup work as it was intended.

          If you want to mesh the Modem, use the Telstra products they offer.

          • @DisabledUser139667:

            Why would you wanna mix equipment in a Mesh Setup, even if it could, anyway?

            So you're not locked into a vendor's mesh system. That is one of the things that EasyMesh aims to resolve

  • I just remembered, there is some internet talk that this can only work with 2 out of the 3 units but to the amazement of the Nokia tech I had all 3 working…

  • How is the comparation with Google Nest Wifi and Orbi RKB50?

  • Are these battery powered?

    I love how most marketing material omit the unsightly power cable.

    In one picture its sitting on a side table and in another someone has their mobile phone out trying to pair to it.

  • Arrived!!

    I’ll have a play and report back ….

    • HI revmacca,

      have you had any chance setting it up with the Optus 5G modem?

      • Hi hamerix

        I’ve set up 2, so 1 satellite for now, Nokia online we’re pretty good and supplied an idiots guide PDF, happy to send you via pm.

        Tbh this is my first mesh so I’m unsure if it’s fully working!!

        There are other guides online (maybe for the higher models) to split 2.4 and 5, hoping to do that today…

  • I got mine too it’s great… seem to be having trouble setting up the “Nokia” account though, never get the verification email… even tried creating an account with different addresses nothing.. anyone else having this problem?

    • if you are connecting it to any modems (except Optus Nokia 5G fastmail) you basically have to connect an ethernet cable from your modem to the wan port of the first Nokia Beacon and through Nokia WiFi app you can set it u. its a very simple process. I didn't register for any accounts.

  • i have somehow managed to connect all 3 to the beacon to the fastmile 5g
    But i have tested a few devices which does not switch to the nearest beacon and still connect to the fastmile wifi.

    Shouldn't it be smart enough to connect to the nearest mesh beacon?