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Sennheiser Momentum 2 Around-Ear Headphones (iOS) G Black $149 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Cheapest deal I've seen!
Wired and light pair of headphones.
Featuring foldable stainless steel headbands with leather interior.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • wired.. hmmm not sure i want to go back to that experience sorting out the cable…. and cable got caught on something while walking or working….. oooh nightmares

    • personally I rather wired than dealing with wireless charging cases, batteries, usb c etc…

      • Luckily many premium cans offer wireless, 3.5mm cabled, usb c audio, removable batteries etc. More expensive than these though.

  • As someone who has owned these for years, I cannot recommend them enough. They are brilliant and at this price they are the cheapest I have ever seen them. They do not sound neutral, definitely more V-shaped. Strong and clean bass, while the mids and highs are not muddied like with cheaper headphones.

    No Noise-Cancellation, but they are fully-closed so sound does not leak out to others.

    Wired and detachable (*but sennheiser proprietary) - I have been using these custom wires for it, they are great. Have the 1.2m and 3m versions both:


    These were selling for $450+ around 5 years ago, and ~$299 (2 or 3 years ago).

    • I'd be mega pissed if I'd paid the original $499 for these. It's hard enough coping with $348, but at least that was almost 5 years ago.

      • Yeah but don't forget, 5 / 6 years ago these were arguably the best looking (most stylish - especially the limited edition version of these) portable headphones in that price bracket. There were definitely a lot of choices that were better in terms of quality and in looks too that were cheaper, but not in the "portable" bracket. These got fairly small at the time when folded. Now there is an abundance of choices of course.

    • The headband is very hard and not comfortable, the sound is very distant, bass is extremely exaggerated and often muddy, ear cups are very deep but narrow. Pretty decent for the price now though.

  • I think cheapest would be $100.
    Sorry, those were on-ears one.

  • Had it been for a 100$, I'd have given it a try. I could get a decent brand bluetooth headphone for that price.

  • I own these and many other budget headphones.
    If you don't mind the cheap looks, the Takstar 82 Pro are much better in sound and comfort (to my tastes).
    Available from Ali express and other sellers - there are fake / pre-production models out there - find info and links to legit product here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/takstar-pro-82-gm200-review-...

    • I have heard good things about this headphone but haven't had much luck finding them at a competitive price locally/externally

      • Yes, they are sold on Amazon and other sites, but hard to confirm if legitimate and pricing can be inflated.
        They are worth the wait and both sets I've bought through Aliexpress came fairly quick (which is somewhat of a lotto with shipping out of China).

  • Fantastic headphones @ a fantastic price. Too bad it's out of stock or I would have bought another pair at that great price.

  • If for nothing else, I'd get it for the leather interior. Too much pleather going around that peels in a year or so.