Anyone Tried A Microsoft Trade-in?

Wondering if anyone has tried the Microsoft trade-in programme. Any thoughts?

At first glance, the prices seem good. I'm assuming the price of sending an entire console to them starts to make it less enticing.

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  • Haven't tried trading in consoles. I did try to trade in a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 at the MS store in person at their Sydney store and was told that my device was only worth $12.

    Apart from a few scratches on the body (not on the screen) is has no damage, but It did have a battery drain issue due to firmware bugs that were unpatched by Microsoft which caused the battery to drain every night.

    Twelve dollars for a fully working tablet that turns on and can still be used normally. I suppose that makes up for return train ticket I took to they city and the roll of sushi that I ate on the way to the Microsoft store. Decided that was worth too little.

    Sold it on eBay last year for $569 instead.

    • Whoa. That's laughable.

      Sorry, when I said "the prices seem good" I should have said that it seems I can get more than $200 as a rebate if I trade in my old original Xbox with a Kinect if I opt to buy the Series S through Microsoft.

      • $200 rebate for a 1TB Xbox bundle seems fair, on eBay the console by itself seem to go for at least $200 minimum, some as high as $300 if they have accessories + games. Selling on eBay is probably a hassle though and you'd still have to pay for shipping and final value fee if you don't have seller promos.

        • Yeah. eBay seems like a decent option.

          What I'm seeing on Microsoft at the moment is $225 for the original 500gb with the Kinect if I go for the Series S. They've also said there's the option to trade in for the Series X when it becomes available. Just wondering if I'm missing an obvious catch.

    • Just tried for a Surface Pro 3…

      Your trade-in value is: $121.55

      Sure it's old but still works and clean condition, surely worth more than that.

      Edit: Oh that's cheeky. If you choose different devices it changes the value. Saying purchasing a Surface Laptop 4 makes it magically worth $421.55…

  • Do they trade in Windows 3.0?

  • Out of my own curiosity, I checked to see what the trade-in value for an Xbox Series S is for (what appears to be) any working iPad Gen 4. $154.34. Not bad really.