expired Wireless Flash Trigger $77.44 + Shipping and EVERYTHING 12% OFF


Phottix Strato Wireless Flash Trigger:
For Canon/Nikon/Sony WAS $90, NOW $77.44 (2% + 12%) OFF

Phottix Strato II Flash Trigger:
For Canon/Nikon WAS $108, NOW $88.00 (7% + 12%) OFF

Phottix Odin TTL Flash Wireless Trigger:
For Canon WAS $385, NOW $330.00 (3% + 12%) OFF

FREE SHIPPING if purchased above $150.00

AND ALSO 12% Discount on EVERYTHING & 1 Year Australia Warranty!!!

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    What advantages does the Strato have over a Yongnuo CTR-301 P?


      Not sure about the Strato, but the Phottix Atlas's have huge advantages over the Yongnuo's 301s. Namely in: range, build quality and reliability (in both not missing shots or have interfence causing flashes to pop when you didn't fire - or just dying on you like my Yongnuo 602s did while on holiday and my Atlas's back in Australia). Also, they take AA batteries so easy to keep spare batteries for both triggers and flash. I think you can get the Atlas's for about $100 each from reliable E-Bay stores…

      They're also PocketWizard compatible which is pretty much the industry standard. I've used Yongnuo's 301, 602 and Atlas's. In fairness, I've never used the Strato, but if you're willing to spend these sort of amounts over what Yongnuo offers, I think Atlas's have a very good rep and probably worth the extra $25.


        Hardly an extra $25. My Yongnuo pair (tx and rx) were around $11 including delivery. For that price I fully expected them to have reliability issues of some sort :) I'll see how they go before buying any of the expensive options.


          Yeah, agree the Yongnuo's can't be beaten for price. Depends on your needs.

          I meant extra $25 compared to the Strato. So, if willing to spend the extra bucks, I'd look at Atlas's instead of Strato.

          FWIW: I had 301's misfiring all the time. If you want to go half way, try the 602's.. still very cheap.. and worked well until the day the transmitter died. I still might buy a new transmitter and I nice travel set of triggers.


        We are currently running out of Atlas. Will make a special sales once the stock comes available.


    How does that Odin model compare to a Pocket Wizard, for features?

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