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Denon AVR-X2700H Atmos Receiver $1595 Delivered @ Premier Hifi


For a limited time only save over 20% on the Denon AVRX2700H including free freight AUS wide.

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  • This vs Yamaha v2085???

    • I think they both have HDMI 2.1 issues


      The 2085 has the ability to drive another couple of speakers with more power but it all depends on what you are trying to drive.

      We love the Denon range. At this price it is a very appealing option.

      • Thanks,

        I guess the 2085 can be had for the same price, so really comparing performance??

        I have 5.2.2 Dali speakers

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          Any major brand will be good but we have had great results for overall performance and longevity with Denon. I cannot comment properly against the Yamaha as we don't install enough of them.

  • Does the X2700H have pre-outs or do I need to go for X3700H to get that ?

  • A good price, although personally I think the 3700H is a better buy than this one. For not that much extra you get pre-outs to all channels, an additional two channels driven (9.2 vs 7.2 on the 2700), more power and of course a better implementation of Audyssey, as the 3700H steps up to the flagship XT32 implementation. There are other differences but these are the main ones in my eyes. Worth the extra in my eyes, YMMV. If I hadn't just spent close to $5k upgrading my sub and L/C/R I'd be tempted by the 3700H in this sale, but that will need to wait.

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  • Looks pretty nice.
    Am I correct to see only 1 HDMI 2.1 input on both 2700 and 3700?
    So if I have both a PS5 and Xbox Series X I'm out of luck connecting both at full spec?

    • You can't connect the xbox at full spec because of 2.1 issues. Ps5 no known issue, apparently. So, 1 input is perfect, i guess :(

  • I recently bought the denon 3700 from digital cinema for $2250. That is a better receiver, more outs.