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Free Small Popcorn When You Watch Selected Family Movies @ HOYTS


Free small popcorn when you see any family movie at Hoyts. Just show the barcode at the candy bar. Promotion ends 27th April

Thanks to Hoyts Cinemas Australia, Just Cuts Clients family and friends will receive a FREE Small Popcorn when they present their exclusive voucher with their ticket at the Hoyts Candy Bar.

Make sure you save the Hoyts voucher image featuring the barcode to redeem. Be quick, this offer is only available until 27 April 2021.

T&C’s: Offer valid until April 27 2021 at the Candy Bar of HOYTS cinemas only. Limit of one small popcorn per ticket purchase. Valid for the films Raya and the Last Dragon, Peter Rabit 2 or Tom & Jerry The Movie only. No valid in conjunction with any other offer. Not exchangeable for cash or any other product.

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  • +22 votes

    Sweet, this will compliment all the lollies and chips I smuggle in from Coles.

  • +2 votes

    That barcode won't scan…

  • They're going to have to do better than a free small popcorn to get me there, the cost of seeing a movie with a family is astonishingly expensive I prefer the drive-in $30 for the whole car.

    • We paid about $12 per person for the cinema…

      • I have 4 children with the two adults its 6 even at $12 each is $72 and on the website it actually says $17 per child $20.50 for an adult. I'm sure there's a discount if you get the family ticket but still need to buy two extra children's tickets.

        If Cinemas are to survive they're going to have to make movies cheaper and the drive-in is so cheap and it's a great experience even on a cold night.

        And I can bring my own free popcorn.lol

        • +13 votes

          I have 4 children

          Did you buy those cheap, faulty condoms posted by TA on OzBargain 8 years ago???

        • +18 votes

          You can't have 4 children then complain about things being expensive lol

          • @Broden: Yep true, but even in I only had 2 the cinemas are still too pricy,

            Cinemas need to realise it's much more convenient to stay home and stream movies or the cheaper drive in option or the illegal option of downloading. If they don't become more competitive.

            I haven't even started with the ridiculous online booking fees you book a ticket than are charged $2 extra per ticket to book online (sometime no other options) then charge you more for using a credit card and don't give you any other option but to pay by credit card

          • @Broden: He could have had no kids and four money.

          • @Broden: That’s pretty much the main time I complain about expenses. When I lived at home and worked full time I bought the best stuff never batted an eye lid. Now I’m looking for the cheapest petrol. 😂😂
            Kids + mortgage etc is expensive

    • Could not agree more, I think cinemas (and Hoyts especially) have run way too far ahead with their price hikes. It's been happening for years, but when it got to $23 for an adult standard ticket at my local (inner city Sydney), it was ~ $80 for an outing for our very small family (including one drink and popcorn), which is just ludicrously expensive, and I was just like "not doing this again". And the cinema was 95%+ empty, huge amount of extra capacity there if the prices were more reasonable. The financially sensible approach now is to wait 6 months and you can rent the same movie for ~$7 from a streaming service, make as much popcorn as you want, and not be worried about whether you should be wearing a mask or worried about getting infected by a stranger seated near you. Cinema prices now are so out of step with what people are prepared to pay. Around $10 per person is probably the sweet spot, and $10 for a medium popcorn & coke (or make a family ticket that's $50 for 4 people and $40 for 3, and that includes one candy bar item per person such as medium popcorn or a choc top ice cream or medium drink or bag of lollies), AND they need some movies that are actually worth watching in a cinema (e.g. Top Gun 2 might well fit the bill as a film that's more enjoyable in a cinema for adults, and for families maybe a new Pixar movie). But high prices + fairly ordinary B-grade content = no thanks.

      • $80 for an outing for our very small family (including one drink and popcorn)

        How much do you pay when you go to a restaurant?

        • Our regular weekend pre-covid dining-out approach (which was: citibank dining wine offer for a free bottle of wine + lunch offers for food + ~7 restaurants that we knew were reasonable value and within walking distance) would usually bring the total for lunch with alcohol to $45 to $65 range, with $50 to $55 being the typical total. And I found that significantly more enjoyable than an outing to the movies, because it came with no driving or parking, a pleasant walk, family conversation, warm food, a view of the harbour, people watching, table service, and booze!
          Edit: Post-covid, I have no idea. It will likely be more and we will likely do it much much less (many of the restaurants have dropped out of citibank dining, restaurants have put up their prices, and we really prefer to be outside and away from other people). I think I've eaten out 5 times since covid started, whereas we used to go out once or twice a weekend for lunch.

          • @nickj:

            And I found that significantly more enjoyable than an outing to the movies

            I prefer the movies and Maggi noodles at home later…

        • Sorry but most people have a 55+ inch TV at home some even with audio set up. Like movie is nice but if you want to fill a cinema you gotta make it something you can do often.

          When I was young we went movies weekly. As if you’d spend $80 x 4 just for the movies with the price of essentials.

  • At cinema prices, would the normal price be around $17 for a small popcorn?

  • Is mortal kombat a family movie?

  • lol they try to give us small popcorn in exchange of possible covid

  • +2 votes

    RACV members can currently buy vouchers for $10 each (must use before 26 May + the usual not valid after 2pm on weekends restriction applies)

  • The free movie & popcorn offer from Westfield is / was a better Deal. Bought a $50 Wish Gift Card to qualify.

  • Pity saw peter rabbit 2 yesterday with family at hoyts and ordered small popcorn for like 8 bucks!

  • Hoyts are a deadset ripoff!

    Here in Canberra, the smart money is to go to Limelight Cinemas down in Tuggers. Yeah it's an extra 10min drive, but you save a massive amount of money and cinemas themselves are just as modern. With 3 kids and 2 adults, the difference is huge.

  • cant wait to take the kids to watch mortal kombat

  • "Free Small Popcorn", what a shockingly bad deal is all I can say.

  • Voted before I actually tried to use it. They would not accept it at Hoyts Blacktown. Didn’t have time to wait to discuss it with the Manager.