Ledlenser P7-Upgraded Torch $61.40 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


This is usually anywhere within the $80-$100 range, one of the most well-known torches and has 4.6* on Google Reviews.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Are these still any good? They seem to have quite poor specs for the price.

    • Agree, you can get 1200 Lumens for around $30 these days.

      This is only 450.

      • Not all lumens are created equally. And hardly anyone does focusers on torches. LED Lensers are awesome and worth the cash

        • What makes them awesome?

          Using 4 AAA batteries which are wasteful and harmful (if using alkaline which have a chance of leaking) and are less energy dense than an 18650 and requires 4 bays to recharge if using NiMH,

          no water proofing (due to inherent zoomie design which expands the internal volume when zoomed in),

          big bulky body for the performance (450 lumens but competing with jacket size class lights),

          piss poor driver efficiency and regulation as it's direct driven on high,

          no ability to tail stand (can't prop the light up to ceiling bounce),

          poor tint consistency and average CRI but at the very least it's a cree LED.

          You're right about not many people putting out zoomies because again you can't water proof them and also because they lose a lot of output when zoomed in.

          2 good zoomies: Convoy Z1 and Lumintop Zoom1, The Convoy Z1 fits a 21700 battery which is 26mm longer than an AAA but is only 2mm longer than the P7

          • @Bacons: great info there. any torch you can recommend that uses a single 18650 and charges via usb-c?

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              any torch you can recommend that uses a single 18650 and charges via usb-c?


              Micro-USB though, not usb-c…. This torch is a beast for the price.

            • @cortex: There's surprisingly not many according to this db:

              There seems to be more USB C charging lights in the 21700 format.

              Anyhow, of the lot, I would recommend the Sofirn SC31 Pro:

              Single 18650 and USB-C but can only charge USB-A to USB-C not USB-C to C

              Note: You will have to read the instructions to calibrate the thermal sensor out of the box as it's not calibrated from the factory.

              Also it doesn't have great tint and CRI either but there doesn't seem to be many better options with your requirements, although Olight uses this same emitter in a colder tint in their Warrior mini, Baton s2r II and Baton s1r 3 lights.

              You can, however swap it with relative ease if you know how to work a soldering iron but that'll probably come later.

  • Wow that's overpriced. You can get a convoy s2+ for about $25 and it pushes close to 1000lm on a single 18650.

    Led lenser is like the modern day maglite. They wer good at one point but never really caught up when everyone else moved along.

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      Wow that's overpriced.

      It should be posted on "OzAntiBargain"….

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      Modern day Maglite is a fantastic way to describe them.

    • I somewhat agree, but as with Maglite you are buying the brand/reputation/reliability. Some people still use Maglites they got 20+ years ago.

      I couldn't find any reviews on Convoy aside from some Banggood ones…
      I have used some of the cheaper Cree ones in the past and they never seemed to last, they also seemed to lie about how many lumens they were actually emitting.

      But just based off my opinion, I am not a torch expert.

      • Plenty of reviews on candlelight and budgetlight forums. One of the go to for edc on a budget.

        Im all for reliability, but led lenser seems to have its fair share of negative reviews regarding their drivers.

        Surely no one is still using their maglite from 20+ years ago. Output on those would make them totally irrelevant, a nitecore tip 2 would probably output more than old school bulbs

        • Im all for reliability, but led lenser seems to have its fair share of negative reviews regarding their drivers.

          I had my LED Lenser head torch pack in due to a failed driver and my torch (a P9 I think) become too unreliable to use when needed. I won't touch LED Lenser any more.

        • I put a TerraLUX MiniStar5 TLE-6EX in my 4D Maglite 10 years ago and I recon the light was 10yo at the time. Still going strong. Got my wife a 6D for her birthday last year :D

  • To be honest 8 X AAA battery configuration is pretty bad. Will be better to have 4 X AA instead. You need to carry a load of batteries for each changeover.

  • Yes I feel they haven't moved on. I'm a bit of a torchaholic just got this for under $50 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001566121781.html?spm=a2...
    Like that it on Turbo at 3500lm it doesn't immediately step down to keep cool.

  • I have old P7 and it is one of the best torches I ever had.
    Although I found 4xAAA a bit annoying.

    Price/performance ration is not the best.

    What I like about LedLensers vs other torches:
    - simple UI (I don’t need 50 modes with hard-to-remember clicking sequence to switch them)
    - nice zoom - the spot is relatively even at all zoom levels

    The rest is on par with other popular brands.

  • P7QC is also on sale. Does four different colors.

  • Olight is the way 😷👏

    • I will take Olight any day over LED lenser👍

      • Looking for.something quality,smallish, relatively cheap (Oz bargain cheap) and reliable and rechargeable with a belt pouch to carry.
        Any suggestions please?

  • rubbish. won't switch off. constantly emits a very dim beam.