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Sofirn Flashlight IF25A $56.94, SC31 Pro $42.49, SP36A $67.99, LT1 $97.99 Delivered @ sofirn-au via Amazon AU


Vivi, store rep, posted these codes for Amazon Australia stock in a Sofirn FB group. I tagged myself as associated because I'm a happy customer. I've bought a few Sofirn torches in the past (C01R, C01S, SC31 Pro, IF25A, BLF LT1, SP40).

Similar deals have been posted last year:

IF25A kit 6500K: $56.94
15% off with promo code RRJL4X8H

SC31 Pro kit 6500K: $42.49
5% coupon and 10% off with promo code R7UHOKED

SP36A kit 5000K: $67.99
15% off with promo code RMUBLGJS

BLF LT1 kit: $97.99
$25 off with promo code Y5MPFWCN

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I can't fault the customer service. I bought an LT1 kit last sale and it arrived in Australia within a few days (they ran out of local stock which I knew before I ordered). It was stuck for a month with the local courier as they pretended to attempt delivery. Vivi was awesome in following up regularly and ensuring I got my order.

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      Agreed. I had an issue with an SP36 recently, just wanted a replacement but Amazon wasn't able to assist (they did offer full refund, no prob). Vivi was super helpful and had a replacement shipped really quickly. Can't rate Sofirn's after sales service highly enough.

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    All products are over $39 = free delivery.

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      I'll ask Vivi. Not sure why it's not showing up as Free delivery when I try to checkout without Prime.


      Never mind. I'm an idiot. Amazon was defaulting to "$5.99 Expedited Delivery".

      Change that to "FREE Standard Delivery" before "Place your order". ️🤦‍♂️

      Choose a delivery option:
      FREE Standard Delivery
      $5.99 Expedited Delivery

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    Is there a diffuser for the SP36?


      I'll ask Vivi if diffusers are included in the kit and reply back here tomorrow.

      Sofirn have a diffuser for the SP36.


        I would be interested in the SP36 too if it came with a diffuser.


      Sorry, a diffuser isn't included in any of the kits on Amazon Australia. They're available on Sofirn's website individually though.


        Will Sofirn sell their diffusers via Amazon? I'd love to purchase one but the slow shipping times from their website puts me off.

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          Vivi said that they haven't sent any diffusers to Amazon to stock and suggested their website instead.

          Anecdotally, when I've placed orders I've found shipping to take:
          4-9 days from Amazon Australia
          9 days from Amazon, fulfilled from China
          7 to 14 days from Sofirn's website when the order is a bulky flashlight
          3-5 weeks from Sofirn's website when I've ordered something worth $3
          1 to 5 weeks from AliExpress (usually around 4 weeks)

          I'd guess it would take 4+ weeks to ship a diffuser via cheap post. YMMV

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    Great lineup. I've got all of these lights albeit with different tint, two of the LT1. I purchased diffusers for the SC31 & SP36 from sofirnlight.com - cost USD$1.69 & $2.19 plus USD$2.99 shipping.

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    That UI for the LT1 seems overly complex. How is it out of the box if you don't want to learn that?

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      You can just turn it in and off with the button if you like. Press and hold to increase brightness to your desired level once then just on and off from there.

      I have found that I have set mine to warm white and half brightness then just turn them on and off from then on.

      The beacon function has been useful and the sunset feature also great. So it is good to know they are there if needed. I have a picture of the ui on my phone if I need it.

    • +2 votes

      Basic use is fairly straightforward:

      While the light is on, a few basic actions are available:

      • Click: Turn off.
      • 2 clicks: Go to or from turbo (full power).
      • Hold: Change brightness (up). If the button was released less than
        a second ago, or if it's already at the ceiling, it goes down
      • Click, hold: Change brightness (down).

      Anduril manual

      It could get complicated if someone starts randomly clicking and changes the configuration by mistake.

      But you can factory reset the LT1 by:
      - twist the cell compartment slightly to loosen it and disconnect the power,
      - press and hold the button while twisting the cell compartment to reconnect the power,
      - keep holding for 3 seconds.

      I usually twist the cell compartment by about 1cm to disconnect the power when not in use. This helps ensure that the cells don't slowly discharge.

    • +2 votes

      One press on and off. Press and hold for a couple of seconds from off and you'll start on low. Double click from off and you start on max. Tripple click from off for battery voltage. Everything else is gravy.


        thanks for the answers, just tried to order one but the promo code isn't working. Deal still on?

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    Love my SP36 but also looking for a smaller flashlight.

    I am undecided between the IF25A and the SC31Pro. Can anyone give me some info between the differences and which would be better?

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      I bought an SC31 Pro as my first entry level Anduril torch and swapped a 2700K emitter into it. It's pretty small if you use an 18350 tube. I find that I don't use it all that much (too many torches).

      I really like the IF25A in 4000K. It's bigger and bulkier than the SC31 Pro. It feels nice in my hand. It's not super bulky. The built-in charger supports USB-C to USB-C. If you've heard of r/flashlight then you may have heard of the Emisar D4V2 and Hank… I like to think that the IF25A is a budget version of the D4V2. It's a hot rod. I wish it had a pocket clip.

      What colour temperature do you prefer?

      • +1 vote

        (too many torches)

        WTF is this 'too many torches' of which you speak?

    • +2 votes

      IF25A is heavier in my pocket than SC31 - 21700 v 18650 (or 18350). I had the IF25A in my pocket/possession for a month or so, replacing FW3A as my everyday torch.

      I prefer the light output of the IF25A 4000K but the size of the SC31. Get both! (Like Tim, I have too many torches.)

  • +2 votes

    LT1 is cheaper direct from Sofirn at AliE, with colour choice (black, green, orange, brown).
    ~$75-85 delivered depending on your colour choice, less if you score coupons.
    Currently Spend and Save, and Paypal coupons are available until 2 April?

    Delivery to Au takes 3-4 weeks.

    Great light.


      Yeah, this might not be the absolute cheapest deal. There's the convenience of dealing with Amazon Australia. That said, customer service from Sofirn has been great when I've had an issue (SP40). So if you don't mind waiting a few weeks, you'd save a bit more (especially with discount codes from Sofirn on BLF for AE during the 11th anniversary sale).

      Photos of the LT1 in other colours.

      • +1 vote

        I currently have 4 Lt1s bought direct. First pair took the slow boat, next two were quite quick.

        2 blk bought when colours were oos, 1 grn, 1 brn. At least two will be heading elsewhere as gifts shortly. Green's my fav, orange looks a bit garish.

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    I have the LT1 owner and haven't read the instructions (yet). Out of the box it does everything I want.

    Any love on a head torch?


      There are pretty good discounts on AliExpress during the 11th anniversary sale. Sofirn have posted some coupons on budgetlightforum.com for their Sofirn Official store on AE. AE mobile app might show slightly cheaper prices.

      Sofirn mentioned that they're now selling the SP40 headlamp with an LH351D emitter. The 4000K version may look nice. Higher CRI.

      SP40 LH351D Alone: SP40 headlamp+ 18350 short tube+ headlamp+ charging cable+ o-rings+ manual

      SP40 LH351D Kit: SP40 headlamp+ 3000mah 18650 battery+ 18350 short tube+ headlamp+ charging cable+ o-rings+ manual

      I can't see the LH351D version on AE…

      The older Cree versions are there:

      I think AU$21 delivered was the cheapest I bought an SP40 5300K green without battery for on AE.


    Love torches - Wondering what is the brightest edc torch you can get that doesn’t get so hot it needs to wind down the output?


      I'm not sure. More torched required. 😂

      Perhaps an Emisar D4V2 with SST20 emitters and a KR4 driver?

      Or the KR4?
      It'll still step down from 2000+ lumen to 800+ lumens after 12 minutes.


        Thanks but from what I can tell Kr4 pretty rapidly steps down over the 12 minutes.


      Probably a Convoy S11 with XHP70.2 LED or an S21A or S21B with XHP50.2 LED.
      I own a Convoy M3 which does ~1500lm with no heat, I have an S21B with XHP50.2 which does good lumens with not much heat on 35% mode.

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    Thanks, ended up ordering the LT1 from their website direct, desert tan, $57 USD (~$75 AUD) and $5.70 off for signing up to newsletter… Very happy.


    anyone know if you can get a bike mount for the Sofirn BLF SP36? thx