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6pcs Xiaomi 0.5mm Ink Pen Refill AU Stock US$3.42 (~A$4.42), Xiaomi Mijia Writing Tablet US$13.39 (A$17.82) Delivered @ Banggood


Update 2: code for CN stock BGLJD87 US$13.39 (A$17.82) Inc GST and shipping link

Update 1:Out of AU stock,I will add CN stock later,same price(inc GST and shipping)

Xiaomi Mijia Writing Tablet US$13.39 (A$17.82) link

6pcs Xiaomi 0.5mm Ink Pen Refill US$3.42( no need code) link Ship from AU warehouse.


Customized LCD film, clear handwriting
Highly sensitive pressure sensing technology, handwriting thickness changes with force
No Blue-ray LCD screen, safe and dust-free
One button clearing, low power consumption, lasting battery life
Ultra light magnetic stylus for more comfortable storage
Unique runway-type pen body design, comfortable grip
Super steel pen head, smooth and durable
Ultra-thin body, easy to carry
Office discussion, efficient and labor-saving
Family message board, to improve happiness

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  • +26

    This or iPad pro?

    • +7

      I like the picture of the serious business man carrying his glorified etch a sketch to a meeting.

      • +1

        Haha. Is it a glorified etch a sketch or just an etch a sketch?

        To be fair its a good price for an etch a sketch.

        • It's better because the pen is pressure sensitive and feels kinda like pencil on paper. Pretty fun to doodle on.

          • @Merlict: I ordered one to try it. My son is quite in to his extremely cheap etch a sketch just now so this will be a good upgrade. Maybe the ipad pro next year!

      • +2

        I'm off to do a business

        Side note - the model's hands are different sizes..

    • +1

      Tips for using the writing pad:
      1. When the writing pad is left for a long time or not used for a long time, the delete button may not be deleted. Please remove the battery, rub it with your fingers, or clamp the positive and negative poles of the battery with a metal object for 3-5 seconds , You can reactivate the battery, do not reverse the front and back of the battery, reinstall it into the writing board and delete it normally;
      2. The initial state of the handwriting pad lock button is off, please confirm whether the lock button is turned on for the first use.

    • 100s of these.

  • Can you save your notes as a screenshot or something and export them?

    • +4

      Pictures cannot be exported, but you can take pictures with your phone

      • +6

        wow…how hi tech!!

    • Nah this isn't really 'digital' like you might think. All the electronic part does is wipe the screen clear.

      • +5

        It would be so nifty if it could save notes to a micro sd or transfer them with an app. I wonder if there are writing tablets that have better export functionality.

        • not at 18 bux , but any cheapo android tablet can do that

          • @phunkydude: I'm not looking specifically for any price but surely adding any kind of export functionality wouldn't drive the cost to something like a Supernote or a reMarkable, without resorting to a worse writing experience on a cheap android tablet.

            ..time for research

            • +1

              @Radiskull: Boogie Board used to make one called Boogie Board Sync. It had onboard storage and could save PDF's to the memory. It worked well for notes and drawings provided you pressed hard enough.

              I have one, and use it a bit for temporary notes. I don't think they make them anymore.

        • +2

          Supernote A6X is my weapon of choice. eInk goodness and syncs to cloud.

          …but NOT $18 either.

  • +1

    Thanks OP
    Got one. Also added a $2.xx coupon that the site offered and got for $15.65.

    • 15 bucks for kiddie

      • +1

        Naah.. 15 bucks for a product for my kiddie 😉

  • +1

    Why pay extra for a Xiaomi badge when you can save money and get the exact same product?

    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32880221414.html (select the 10 inch for US$10.20 delivered, use a new account and save a further $3 using the new sign up code).

    There's many other listings for 10 inch drawing tablets for around $US10 delivered without even using the $3 sign up code.

    • +5

      pay extra for a Xiaomi badge

      Only on OzBargain world Xiaomi be considered a badge to pay extra for

      • +1

        OZBfools and their money..

  • "Family message board, to improve happiness"

    What price can you put on happiness

    • +10

      $17.82 apparently

  • +2

    If you play Magic the Gathering these can be good for tracking life totals, in fact this is essentially a larger version of the Ultimate Guard Life Pad. The key feature that you want is the erase lock. This allows you to write but bumping the erase button won't clear your life tracking in the middle of a game.

    • MtG is still a thing? Big following?

  • Bought one to fix onto the wall next to the front door to write down reminders. I’m always forgetting shit I need to bring when leaving the house.

  • Can you save what you wrote on it or is it literally like board where you wipe it clean?

    • So there's a lock button that stops you from wiping it / drawing more, but you can't transfer to a pc or anything

  • +1

    The pen ink code isn't working

  • where is the link to the tablet?

  • +1

    Pen code is not working

  • Pen code is not working US$10.19 is the price incl GST

  • 2x 6pcs pen packs(AUD $4.55/ea) $9.28 + Mijia writing tablet 13.5' (AUD$36.77) total AUD$46.05, after applying the discount code, total price bumped up to AUD$57.93 then discounted AUD$14.47, total price becomes AUD$43.46……. so the code worthies only AUD$1.87?

  • +1

    Rep, would like to buy the original white pens (not refills) with the twist function (new press on the tab ones feel cheap and don't have the weight)
    Can't find them anywhere these days at an acceptable price (only seen them for >$10/each)
    I've used taobao to message sellers but they all say it's no longer being produced… do you have any stock? Would literally buy 100 at the right price…

  • It looks like refills are gone.

  • How does get 2 for $19.99 or $29.99 work? I tried that and it doesn’t work for me. Thanks

  • Hey OP the $9.99 snap up products don't work. They show as still being available but I can't click through to buy via the app. Just gets stuck

    • We did not have a problem with the test, or you can PM me, I will let our staff connect with you.

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