PayPal - Asking for More Identification Documentations. Should I Provide?

Hi Ozbargainers,

My account has been blocked by Paypal as they require me to provide proof of identification because I received a refund externally for my shipping refund.
Then I provided my photo id and a utility bill because they were asking for 2 forms of identification.

Today, I received another email that they are now asking for my bank statement showing transaction with PayPal shown. This is never been mentioned in the official requirements.
I am not comfortable providing my bank statement as it shows my credit card number and also all other transactions other than PayPal (for privacy reasons)

Below are my questions:
- Should I provide the extra documentation?
- Have you experienced the same situation?
If there is an official venue to make a complaint about this, where should I go?

Thank you for your help.


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  • 42
    Yes, of course, it is safe to do so
  • 7
    No way, I have provided enough documentation, not sure what else they will be asking for.
  • 4
    I am not too sure

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