Can You Sleep with a Heated Blanket on?

I haven't had heated blankets/ sheets before, is it safe to sleep with one on or is it just used to heat the bed up?


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    Yes, but you may on higher heat to warm up the bed and then turn/switch the heating down whilst sleeping.

    *check the instructions/manual that comes with it.

  • Get a blanket with as many heat settings as possible.

    The 3 heat setting units are too hot to sleep on even at level 1.

    The 7+ heat setting blankets allow you to find the perfect setting.

    Nothing nicer on a cold winters night to hop into a preheated warm bed.

  • I can't… Maybe you can, but your answer is probably here

  • Surely you don't need one in QLD?

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      I haven't heated blankets/ sheets before

    • I guess you've never been to Stanthorpe, Warwick, Toowoomba and many other places in QLD.

      QLD isn't all Gold Coast, Sunshine Coas,t Cairns etc.

      It SNOWS in Stanthorpe and Warwick and toowoomba gets to 6 degrees C in winter.

    • never been to stanthorpe in winter?
      doh this already been mentioned

      plus there is plenty of ice on the gold coast from what i hear

    • Surely you don't need one in QLD?

      Temperatures have recently dropped a bit here. We're getting sub-20°C overnight. Bloody freezing.

  • I sleep with a heated throw in winter sometimes. I think I got it for around $40 a few years ago at Aldi or Kmart. Has heat settings from 1-9 iirc and timer for 1-9 hours + option to keep on. Sometimes use it on a lower setting under my doona to "keep the heat in". Very rarely use it past level 7 and it will hover around level 3-5 depending on how cold my room is at night. Internet says electric blankets cost around 4c/hour to run so it's very affordable heating option. Other pros are you feel immediately warm when you make contact with it, you're not wasting energy to heat up a whole room if you're alone in it, and it doesn't dry out my skin like aircon. Last year's $35 kmart heated throw felt flimsier and apparently could not be washed so hopefully the quality is better this year. Wash mine 2-3 times a year and it has lasted at least 3 winters!

  • Yes, you will become a fried chicken. lol.

  • I read somewhere that sleeping all night with an electric blanket on makes you constipated. Go figure 🤔

  • Safer to just warm up bed before sleeping…then turn off.

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    I have forgotten to turn mine off before going to sleep a few times, and wake up drenched in sweat. Not recommended

  • It’s not a good idea to sleep on an operating electric blanket because you are more likely to break or fracture one of the resistive wires (particularly if there are folds or protrusions). This could cause a local hot spot which may burn you or start a fire.
    Also lying on an operating electric blanket makes you very close to its electric field if you are worried about such things.
    Pre-heating is the preferred operation (read the instruction manual).
    Search the web for Electric Blanket Fires.