Should I Buy a Laptop Now or Wait for EOFY Deals? (Budget $1300)

Alternate title: should I buy the Metabox Alpha-S now, or wait for a EOFY sale on the Alpha-S, Asus Zephyrus G14, or MSI GF65 Thin?

I'm looking for a laptop which I can use for PhD research, academic work, and gaming. Max budget $1300

I need the laptop to:

-Be under $1300
-Be portable (2kg or under)
-Be capable of some processor/RAM intensive tasks for research-focussed programs (at least i5 4C/16GB)
-Be good for simulation and strategy games (eg. Cities Skylines, Planet Zoo, Civ 5)
-Preferably not have too much of a gaming aesthetic

I know this is a lot to ask for the price, but my partner and I are penny pinching for a housing deposit at the moment.

Open to any suggestions for other laptops that fit the requirements, too.


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    If you’ve found something you’re willing to settle for now, go for it would be my advice.

    I was in a similar situation a couple of years ago, I waited for the sales but didn’t find any better deals for the specs I wanted during the sales. As a result, I ended up with nothing except struggling with an old and unsuitable device for months longer than I should’ve, and regretted not buying what I wanted earlier.

    • Good point, especially with the cost of hardware at the moment. Luckily I don't need to buy urgently.

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    The Dell Inspiron range is pretty good and seems to be a good fit for you based in your work/play ratio.

    The Dell outlet has some good deals EOFY so I would wait.

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    I'd wait for boxing day…. better value and newer models.

    • Fair point. Probably wanna buy by mid year though.

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    Do you need it “now” or can it wait? If you can wait and the price doesn’t change, it’ll be deferred spent.

    • I need it within the next few months, by June/July. I will need to do a new type of data analysis my current machine isn't capable of.

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    If the Asus G14 1660ti version gets to $1300 I'll jump on it right away

    • The lower specced 1650ti was posted here for $1537.10 in December, 1660ti was $1749.10 a couple of days ago. So not too far off.

      • Yeh I'm after the 1660ti version. It's actually sub $1709 is tempting but I'm going to hold off hoping it will go down further.

        • Definitely tempting. Good luck holding off lol

          • @boldwombat: It's very hard considering I spent the weekend watching youtube reviews and everyone of them saying how good the laptop is lol

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    Should I Buy a Laptop Now or Wait for EOFY Deals?

    Just borrow one.

    • Is this an offer?

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    Apart from gaming, I think you can seriously consider M1 MacBook Air for 1349$ from apple education store.I think it would beat any other laptop, in the same price range, in all other requirements you mentioned apart from gaming (I haven’t actually explored gaming on Mac so can’t say much).

    I am using it for last few months and it’s amazing. It’s really fast and the battery last really long. I have been a PC user before this.

    • I'm glad you've had a good experience- hope the "ecosystem" is treating you well, unfortunately the M1 MacBook air doesn't have a dedicated graphics card. It wouldn't be suitable for gaming or any work programs which are graphics intensive.

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