How about Your G1W-CB Dash Cam? Still in Service?

There was a group deal of our BlueSkySea G1W-CB Dash Camera 5 Years ago.
And this is the node I am talking about:

Just wondering if this dash cam is still in service :))

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  • Mine corrupts the SD card so it now sits in my drawer unused. It's been replaced by the B1W.

    The android app that connects to the B1W has also no updates for about a year now and it simply crashes when attempting to connect it to the DVR. Think you need to get your app developers on it and update it for newer versions of Android.

    • Still find it interesting that the rep has never posted a deal for the store or product


        I am still learning how to post a deal!
        Might post a deal alert for B4K dash cam in the future…

    • The B1W tends to reset the time as well, usually after 1 week of being unpaired from the phone.

    • Im on Android 10 without issue. How do you setup the cam if you can't connect? I'm hoping the cams will still connect if I upgrade my phone…

  • I bought mine separately from a different place back in 2013 or 2014 and its still going strong, never had a issue :)

  • Mine would miss certain sections. Also didnt like to be powered off quickly (I'd be screwed if I lost power in an accident…)

    Replaced by a Blackvue


      If the price not a concern, BlackVue and Thinkware cloud dash cams are nice choices!
      FYI, we released a new 4k+1080p dual dash cam. A decent competitor for a budget 4K camera. Capacitor, buffered parking mode and audio error alerts are nice features as well.

  • I've got three G1W-CB in family members' cars - two from that deal. All still working fine.
    The only trouble I've had over the years has been a couple of plug-in power adapters carking it, though they may have been older G1W adapters.