Microsoft Outlook Problem

Several times a day, I don't get my emails, I have to ctrl, alt delete, click task manager & find Microsoft Office & right click & end task. Then I can open office & get my emails. I have disabled add ins & still the same problem.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem.

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    It's only just over 12 months old. Lol

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    Try reinstalling your Office suite.

    And setup another POP email box and try to get the mail from there instead the original to see if it hangs or not.


    Reinstall Outlook? Are your time and date settings correct? Make sure you're in the correct region and that VPN and DNS isn't the cause of the issue.


    Any errors shown? What does the outlook status bar show when email are supposedly there but not showing?

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    Don't use a Mail Client like Outlook. Ever. Use GMail, and maybe even a native client like Kiwi for GMail (free for up to 2 accounts). You won't have these problems and can just get your email - instantly - whenever you need it. (If you must use Microsoft Outlook, then right-click on the Start Button in the bottom left of the screen, choose "run", type appwiz.cpl then select OK, find Microsoft Office or Microsoft 365 in the list, right click on it and select "Change". Try the Quick Repair first, then the Online Repair if still not fixed. If that fails you will have to start again but this time choose "Uninstall" and then go to to re-install.)

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      Don't use a Mail Client like Outlook. Ever.

      Only if you don't know how to use it.

      Otherwise, it has awesome features.

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    Have you checked to see if Win 10 hasn't changed your default to "edge"….this happened to me recently after a windows update and I had to change the email default back to Outlook (as well as http default handler - for hyperlinks etc….have a look at your "defaults"


    Thanks for the replies. Just checked the default and it was set to mail, so changed it to outlook. Fingers crossed this fixes it. Edit. On 1 pc default was mail other was outlook. Weird. Will ser what happens.


      The info from Marble250 didn't work. I think I will totally uninstall & then reinstall it.


        Yeah, look, I only advised one recent problem, but everyone hates Outlook….Windows wants you to upgrade, Yahoo doesn't want you to use… even Outlook mail box has a problem with it!
        I would advise you on several steps to reinstate your program after changing the default back, but after (re)reading your original post and seeing that you have been trying to adjust programs with taskmaster, I don't think you would be able to follow, so if a reinstall doesn't work, better you should dump Outlook, and get another email program as previous Posters have advised, Good luck


    Install gentoo


    I figured out the problem.

    The other day I decided to disable office updates & that 'fixed' the problem.

    It must be a corrupt update.

    Since posting the problem & have a new laptop & it was happening on it.