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20% off Kids Guitars (Free Delivery to Most Areas) @ Guitars 4 U


This is a genuine 20% discount code on all products in this store for one week only. There is free shipping Australia wide although there are some postcode exemptions if you have a look at the terms and conditions.

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  • Overpriced. Here's the guitar from your link for $52 (without the stand and tuner but still way higher) http://www.wowshopping.com.au/alpha-38-inch-wooden-acoustic-...

  • Alpha and Karrera are rubbish. Don't waste your money. Get a far superior 2nd hand entry-level Yamaha or similar for the same price from Gumtree.

    Learning on a crap instrument will kill anyone's enthusiasm.

  • For entry level id recommend the Yamaha FG830. The price can't be beaten and it's a phenomenal guitar for the price ($499), excellent resale value too of you decide guitar isn't for you.

    • Lol $499 for an entry level guitar? Sure if you're Elon Musk and have money to blow. There's nothing wrong with learning on a $50-$100 classical or acoustic guitar. If you lose interest then it's not much money lost and no hassle to resell it. I reckon that a lot of amatuer guitarists don't even have a guitar and amp combo worth more than $500.

      • Learning on a $100 guitar will be really difficult, with a high action, constant de-tuning, and poor sound. No quicker way to discourage a learner than give them a piece of rubbish. You don't need to spend much, a nice "brand name" mid-range guitar that retails at $300 and avoids the above problems, will easily be found for $150 2nd hand.



      • Completely wrong.

        Many schools recommend the Yamaha FG830 now as entry level for students.

        Parents will be paying around $500-$800 for clarinet, piano or any other instrument.
        They will be paying around $40-55 per lesson at schools too.

        Covid has jacked the price up a little this year.

        It's hardly a drop in the ocean compared to other instruments such as Saxophone where $2000 won't even buy you a selmar and anything premium would be $6000+

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          It's hardly a drop in the ocean compared to other instruments such as Saxophone where $2000

          Picked one up for $200 in excellent condition from someone upgrading… You just need to know what you're looking for.

          • @jv: Most students start with a Yamaha Yas-280 or selmar AS400.

            Google the price.

            I'm sure 'others' can be had but for anyone doing AMEB exams etc the parents wouldn't dream of going anything lower.

            Last year parents were looking at about $1500, this year $1700 due to covid. Brass instruments are extremely expensive along with violin and piano.

            If you want cheap then stick with a recorder, Fife or otamatone. Perhaps just stick to classroom music.. if you're looking at spending upward of $3000 on classes a year why learn on a $200 instrument. They'll outgrow it within a year and any student wouldn't even be able to demonstrate their capabilities in any exams.

            It's setting the child up to fail.

            • @Combo64:

              if you're looking at spending upward of $3000 on classes a year why learn on a $200 instrument.

              Because the instrument was in excellent working order and worth about 1.5K new. No need to buy a new one unless they get good enough to make use of it. He also picked up a $500 clarinet for $80 a few years back…

              • @jv: Sounds like you got a good deal! I know that if anyone tried now you'd be looking at $600+ second hand even for a Jupiter, which is what public schools recommend.

            • @Combo64: Mate you forgot the Kazoo. Easy to learn hard to master

    • FG800 for $350 is a fantastic beginner guitar, even pros own and love them

  • This deal is 20% off $149. Not a great deal.

    Yamaha and Fender have solidly constructed entry level guitar bundles (including bag, tuner, capo) around $200. Your local guitar shop will also stock lower end models for around $130, e.g. Valencia or Ashton. You can play test them and make sure you get the right size.

  • I don’t know anything about guitars but I saw prices being flung around without any links so here’s one:

    A Yamaha!
    Cheaper here:

    • Thanks. My daughter has wanted a guitar for a year now and I wasn’t sure which one to buy.

  • 20% off Kids Guitars

    Thanks, I goat one…

  • So I got this warning message when clicking OP's link:

    Dangerous Webpage Blocked
    You attempted to access:https://www.guitars4u.com.au/product/kids-guitars/alpha-acoustic-guitar-set-38-inch-wooden/
    This is a known dangerous webpage.
    It is highly recommended that you do NOT visit this page.