This was posted 3 years 2 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Nuts & Snacks Clearance: Pistachios $29.96, Beef Stick $19.97, Pringles $19.97, Macadamias $34.97 @ Costco (Membership Required)


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    Costco is going nuts reducing all these products

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      You wal-nut believe the prices

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    over 60 bucks for membership tho.

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      We know

    • Membership ≤ $60

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      You should comment on PSN monthly game posts and let them know that PSN costs money too

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      Not sure why you got downvoted for telling the truth. There are many deals here from Coles, Woolies, Repco, Aldi etc where we dont have to pay any fees to buy stuff.

  • Is it cheaper in store or online?

    • normally online is more expensive as Costco tend to factor in the delivery cost to each product, however, for the cleareance price (ie, $xx.97), often it is either same or cheaper online as they includes delivery.

  • Pringles in a foil packet, now I've seen it all!

  • Thx, never knew pringles came in packets too

  • OP, how do you check what the previous/original prices are?

    • Also the BIC pens 2x60pk is pretty cheap as well $9.97

    • google cache did the work :)

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    I think aldi is hurting Costco… Their monthly specials copied aldi to the T and now nuts, when Aldi did nuts the other week.

    I'm a Costco member but everytime I go the bill is about $300-$600.

    It's expensive and not something we do weekly religiously. We do go to aldi weekly.

    • And to think Costco came here thinking they would hurt Aldi

    • Costco did that to me too .. come with 1 thing in mind.. out with 50 other junks

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    All OOS for me.

    • brazillian nut OOS, the rest still available

      • I'm trying to place an order with a few of the $x.97 priced items, but I keep getting the following error after verifying payment: "Failed to place the order" (more like failed to give a useful error message). I've tried a couple of different cards, but same result. Anyone else in the same boat?

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    Think the Kirkland Signature Dry Roasted Macadamia Nuts 2 x 680g is still in stock.

    • thanks, added to the post

  • Unit pricing of Pringle's here is appx $1.75 / 100g… more expensive than $2 per tin of Pringle's when they are regularly on sale

    • thanks added

    • thanks added

    • How much are these usually pls.

      • in-store is $21.99 per packet and online was $49.99 for 2 packs

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    I got my Beef Sticks in the post today. Best Before May 2021 …

    • mine too.. but should be fine.. they still ok to eat until few more months :)

    • I got my Beef Sticks in the post today. Best Before May 2021

      could you possibly return in store within 30 days?

      • Can't be bothered driving 30 minutes to return. I guess that's why it was on clearance. I split the bags with a friend, so not as bad as if I ordered 48 beef sticks for myself

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          lol no I was checking if it was possible to return within 30 days;
          I have also ordered the beef sticks, but have lost any appetite for beef/jerky after having opened a kirkland signature beef jerky only to find out it was more mould than meat. (if I knew how to post a pic here, I would have)

          Will have to drive 30 min to return their signature mould jerky (with their 100% satisfaction guarantee), and will probably return the sticks as well (if it is possible)

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      the pistachios that I ordered expires on Aug 2021

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