Best Energy Efficient Electric Heaters

Hey guys!

First time posting here, I’ve been a long time lurker,

With winter coming up I’m looking for a decently energy efficient electric heater,

I know that gas heaters are the most efficient, unfortunately we don’t have a gas connection in our apartment so we are looking for something electric that won’t jack up our bills.

Obviously if we could keep it reasonably priced that would be best. If you guys have any recommendations I would appreciate it to the moon and back.

Many thanks!


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    • Yep nothing can't beat reverse cycle air conditioning.

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        Erm .. you lost me at "nothing can't beat …"

        Try again.

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    It depends what space you're trying to heat up, what temps are your comfort level and for how long you want them on.

    An oil heater is probably your best bet for efficient heating overnight. A radiant heater for manual on/off for 30 mins stints or so. A fan heater for spot heating on occasional chills.

    Bigger room oil:
    Fan heater:

    • Thanks for your advice :) seems like from what you said oil heaters might be my best option so I’ll have a look into it, cheers!

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    You didn't specify size, budget or type.

    Without the above info the most efficient is electric jacket - it can even be powered by battery.

    Heat pump heater is the most efficient electric space heaters which can be found in reverse cycle Air Cons.

  • I was going to suggest the premium brands noirot or nobo, then this choice review changed my mind. Might be worth buying the review and sharing the results with your fellow OzBargainers.

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    Gas heaters stopped being best bang4buck about 5 years ago.

    Reverse cycle inverter AC is the best value large space residential heater these days unless you are on a really crap electricity plan.

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    Cloths, layers.

  • Buy a big blanket.

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    reverse cycle aircon, the rest are exactly the same.

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    Reverse cycle aircon is more efficient than any other type because it has higher than 100% efficiency. Other types of heaters have a maximum of 100% efficiency.

  • I’m in a rental and the ducts for the gas heating are in the ceiling, unfortunately we also have high ceilings so the heat just seats above head height while you’re still shivering. I put in an oil heater yesterday on an energy monitoring smart plug and even on the lowest setting (1kW) it’s so much more effective at heating the room because it’s heating from ground up.

    The ceiling in my housemates room is roughly 40cm lowers and the gas heating cooks his room.

    Tl;dr - ceiling height will factor in to most effective heating solution.

    • We have very high ceilings too, so it seems like from what I’ve read so far along with your comment that the oil heater is the best option

      • Yeah I also place the heater near other objects rather than in the middle of the room, I have mine under a desk. I figure that helps transfer and hold the heat in the furnishings so that it's not going straight up to the ceiling.

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