50% off RRP Garmin Fenix 6S Pro Standard Rose Gold-Tone with White Band $574.50 @ Garmin


Just saw this deal while going through Garmin website and got excited that this was on the Fenix 6 Pro as the price was the same, but it appears that the deal is on the 6S Pro Rose Gold. Still is pretty good deal at 50% off. Enjoy!

$574 on Amazon and Jbhifi as well. (Thanks @okbianca)


The non-solar version of Garmin Instinct is also on $100 off if anyone is interested.

Please excuse me if my post is not in the correct format as this is my first post. Cheers!

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  • Seems like same price on Amazon too for this color? And also JB. Is a new model coming?

    • I did see some chatter about this on OB as the whole fenix range was on $400 off a few weeks ago. Not sure if they are coming with an updated version though.

  • 42mm. Seems like a decent price.

  • The RRP is a little misleading but it's a good deal regardless. I bought my wife the 6S Pro a few weeks back somewhere around $650-670. Which is around what they've been at with places like JB Hifi for a while.

    Looks like JB have updated their price to match this deal too.

    • yep rrp is misleading but still a good deal. i picked up the 6 pro at $650 before xmas last year.
      its been a great tracker. do wish i got the 6x though as im getting older and the eyes start to diminish lol. its bloody big but

  • Price in title. 574.50

  • Hoping the black ones will go on sale as well.

  • Can anyone suggest if iphone user should stick to apple watch or this is better?

    • this. 100%.

    • depends on what you'll use the watch for, if you're more sports focused then this for sure.

    • +10 votes

      They are very different.

      Fenix has battery lasting weeks, no touch screen, very rugged, lots of accurate data and modes for different sports and outdoor activities. Can last go for multi day hikes with it.

      Apple watch is a very clear, vibrant touch screen. Great for things like notifications, calls and still does the job for activities like running, cycling. But battery is only 1.5 days tops without using GPS. Will need to charge every day or night.

      • As above, it's subjective depending on what you're trying to do. You'll get more accurate GPS/running data with a Garmin. I notice an accurately mapped out 5k course showing as 5.08 or 5.10km on my Apple Watch. Whereas a dedicated sports watch like a Garmin Fenix 6 showing much closer to 5km or dead on.

        If you're buying it primarily for running data then the Garmin will be better.

        The trade-off is that it's not as integrated with your phone. You get messages but I feel it's very clunky on Garmin. Apple Watch handles notifications much better and apps are now developed to work with Apple, so responding to a Messenger message while on a run is possible. Taking calls off your wrist and talking on it can be handy.

        Battery life is multitudes better on the Garmin.

        I'm personally sticking with the Apple Watch for now, but edging closer to getting something more dedicated to running.

    • i believe you should go with apple watch. i have a garmin FR 745 for more than 6 month. It wasn't that good as expected. Data from running most of time is accurate. but the other functions, like swim and sleep tracking, are quite off —- FYI. i will switch to AW this year.

    • I bought an Apple Watch for the notifications, music whilst running and to track my sleep. Unfortunately, the terrible battery life means I didn’t really get to track much sleep cause it required charging pretty much every night after I tracked an activity and wore it all day.

      I returned it after a few weeks for a full refund and bought a Garmin Tactix Delta. Battery life is a good two weeks wearing 24/7 and tracking an activity daily. That includes oxygen tracking whilst sleeping and heart rate all day.

      The performance metrics are identical to me as far as how much I use them, screen on the Apple Watch is better, but I actually don’t like the touchscreen after using buttons on my Garmin now. Plus sapphire screen is way more durable.

      I have no issues integrating with an iPhone 12, all notifications work for calls, messages, FB messenger etc, as well as plenty of apps. Garmin app is easy to set up and use.

  • this is great deal but I am going to wait for the sapphire version

    • I really like the sapphire too. I wish they would bring the black dial with black band in that. They have this in different combinations ATM.

  • ECG/EKG monitoring ?

  • Great watch. Loads of features if you do pretty much any sport, and I think the Garmin Connect interface is pretty good now (used to be kinda terrible)

  • Garmin has their quarterly earnings report on April 28th, i'd expect if there was a new model in the Fenix series that it would come after that.

    Lots of discounts everywhere suggests running down stock. Varying stock levels of units (no 6x Solar at Osborne Park) so i reckon give it a month or so and we should see a new unit.

    Having said that, the current range is great if you can snag the discount. Most people seem to be hanging out for LTE capability and a better screen but they will all drain the battery so unlikely to come into the Fenix range (as it prides itself on battery life).

  • why are these so much more expensive(rrp) than an apple watch?

  • the Fenix 7 must be close

  • Thanks OP, bought one to replace my ageing 735XT!

    Was hoping to pick up a Forerunner 945 on sale but been a ghost town on that front lately :(

  • $524 at Harvey Norman after the $50 LatitudePay promo for anyone following.