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Pick A Brick Wall, Buy 2 Cups & Get 1 Free @ AG LEGO Certified Stores


PICK A BRICK – BUY 2 cups, GET 1 cup FREE

Available in stores Only (not available online)

·The PICK A BRICK “BUY 2, GET 1 FREE” offer is valid in all AG LEGO® Certified stores (excluding Westfield Newmarket – NZ).

· Offer is not valid at LEGO.com, LEGOLAND® Parks, LEGOLAND Discovery Centres or LEGO® Dreamworld.

· The offer is valid from 19.4.21 – 25.4.21.

· The FREE item must be of equal, or lesser value.

· The offer is not redeemable for cash, it cannot be redeemed against a prior purchase and is not available in conjunction with any other offer.

· AG LEGO® Certified Stores reserves the right to amend or cancel this promotion at any time without prior notice.

· If you purchased product to redeem the free item, then you must also return the free item if you choose to return the two purchased.

Store Finder https://lego.bricksmegastore.com/pages/our-stores

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  • Pick A Brick Wall- Buy 2 cups get 1 FREE

    None of what you said made sense, and your image doesn’t explain it. Where is this? How much?

  • Link to the offer: https://lego.bricksmegastore.com/pages/offers. T&C link is busted, scroll down to read them.

  • Can you call them and ask what’s on the wall?

  • I don't understand the concept of the wall TBH. There's usually a very limited selection of random bricks (let's say 50 or so different parts) in selected colours and shapes. I don't get why anyone would want to buy a cupful (let alone several)?

    Yeah I get that LEGO is all about imagination and building stuff with whatever you've got because all the parts are compatible because of The System, but typically the selection of bricks don't lend themselves to anything as they're clashing colours, shapes, styles, etc.

    Don't get me wrong I'm not expecting some kind of Bricklink-like service where you can pick and choose specific parts to make up a set, but yeah… I'd rather take a punt on 500g worth of random parts from a LEGO dealer than a scoop from The Wall.

    • Lego have all the color and shapes of bricks available on the website which is very handy
      looks like the brickmegastore is trying to do the same, but with limited bricks available

    • Yeah it is a bit niche. It's actually way better for hardcore Lego nerds building big projects than kids.

      I pop in whenever I have time near a Lego store and only bite if there are 3+ pieces that I want a lot of. So last time I stocked up on plant leaves, window frames and grey bricks since they're good for all kinds of stuff.

  • oh i see what this is

    you can just buy the bricks (not the set) and put them in a cup
    there are two sizes cup - regular and large, from memory it was $15 for the regular size
    you don't pay per brick, instead you pay for the cup, you can put as many as brick you like in the cup as long as they are fit in there after the lid is closed

    however the selection of bricks (colors and shapes) are limited compared to what Lego's have available from their website

  • the offer page don't mention anything about "wall"
    in the store, they put the bricks on a wall, i'm guessing it is what OP is referring to?

  • FWIW "brickmegastore" just seems to be the official name of the company that runs the "official" LEGO stores dotted around the place.

    The wall is basically something like this:

    Although the ones I've seen (in NSW, VIC and SA) are all about half the size of the one in the picture and have repeated parts in the ports.

    • It would be a worthwhile deal if that was the wall!
      The Broadway and Bondi Jnctn walls aren't even a quarter of the one you pictured. I was so disappointed when I first went in store and saw what was on offer in the wall. Ditto for the build-a-minifigure stand - and that you have to buy in multiples of three from a choice of about six!

      I'm also put off by all the kids that shove their grotty hands into the containers and maul all the pieces.

  • This is actually a lot of bricks. The Large PAB cup is about the size of a large McDonalds coke and fits a lot if you pack it in tight.

  • Why'd you have to use 2 cups, 1 free in this. I mean it certainly caught my attention but not for the right reasons.. hahaha