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$59.99 Credit off First Box + $9.90 Delivery (New Customers Only via Referral) @ HelloFresh


HelloFresh are offering new customers $59.99 off the first box via referral. The box includes 3 recipe kits making at least 6 adult sized portions. "That’s as low as $2.66 per meal" - HelloFresh.

$9.90 delivery fee.

The previous referral bonus for $70 credit has expired, even if the referral link still displays $70.

Referral Links

Referral: random (740)

Referrer gets $50-$59.99 credit (active subscription req.). Referee gets $50-$70 off their first box

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    More HelloSPAM

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      Do they provide spam luncheon meat

  • Do HelloFresh still ship everything out of Sydney?

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      My latest box was delivered to BNE from Chippendale NSW

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        Thanks. That seems to be really inefficient to me, and I suppose that is built into the costs that are passed on to the end-user.

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        Ch-Ch-Ch Chippendale, Rescue Rangers!

        • throw some apples

    • How can you tell?

      I sorta assumed it was coming from a local distribution centre in Victoria for Melbourne.

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        I checked it out a few years ago; it was one of the reasons I didn't continue with them, as it just seemed wasteful.

  • My code still says $70 for both Referrer and Referee for some reason 🤔

    • Did you tested the link via incognito mode? My code was $70 but has updated to $60.

      Can anyone else confirm if Hello Fresh new policy is to charge delivery cost separately and cannot be taken from referral credit balance?

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        I can confirm this is happening to me - I have $150 in referrals and still have to pay $9.90 delivery on my box that only costed ~$75

        • That's the norm. Shipping and menu upgrades always are chargeable and are never debited off referral credits.

      • Yup can confirm it's $70 using incognito mode.

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          The first page shows $70 but when you click on "claim discount" it says the offer is expired.

          • @Yoo: Hmm interesting.. you are spot on!! Seems like a pretty stupid oversigh on HF's end

            Thanks for letting me know.

      • Yes, and I was being charged $19.90 delivery (presume because regional area).

      • I received one referral yesterday and it ended up being only $50 instead of $60.

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    The 'freshness' of the veg is questionable, but once you cook all of it, HelloFresh meals don't taste too bad. The portions are ok as well.

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      They were pretty good.

      The instructions for the mashed potato used a prodigal amount of butter.

      • Yeah that's one issue I have. The meals are tasty, but often involve an unnecessary addition of butter / sauce / something unhealthy.

        Feel like they should be more focused on the health component, but I guess some of their meals are specifically labelled as such.

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          Butter is good for you.

          • @haru: Hmmm. I better start putting it in my coffee!

            • @fLaMePrO: I don't know if you're jesting, or if you know this. But Keto people actually do this.

              • @NatoTomato: Haha no, I didn't know. What's the deal? It's considered healthy fat or something? I guess if the rest of your diet is good, then this sorta makes sense. But mine certainly is not 😁

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                  @fLaMePrO: https://www.dietdoctor.com/recipes/bulletproof-coffee

                  I don't know how reputable that site is. But it's all about getting calories from sources that aren't carbs. So instead of eating toast, or cereal in the morning, they have coffee, but that doesn't have a lot of calories, so they chuck a stick of butter in it to increase their calorie count, without hitting carbs. Keto is generally a high fat diet to replace the carbs, so they don't care I guess.

        • +1

          I actually find them very tasty - no doubt in part due to the accoutrements such as sauce and butter.

          Wouldn't it be easier if any health zealots just didn't add the extra (flavour?) to their meals?

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            @UncleRico: Yeah that's the good part of preparing it yourself, you are in control over what goes into the food.

            So yes, very easy to rein it back which I have done a few times.

            • @fLaMePrO: Agreed.

              You are the Peter Russell-Clarke to my Bernard King…

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      The 'freshness' of the veg is questionable

      Did you accidentally go to the HelloStale website?

    • Is it still fresher than the fresh food people?

    • Yeah, I quite liked the meals, but agree the produce wasn't very fresh. I'm trying out Pepper Leaf with Groupon vouchers, only just got delivered though, will see in a few days how the produce is, but seems pretty good at the moment. They do single person meals which is good for me.

    • Agreed but they will credit any ingredients that are not fresh, it doesnt even check as its automated on the app when you report a problem, it credits immediately.

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      How? I clicked another referral link that said $70 and after clicking ok it just says its expired. Thanks

  • Perth add another $9.90 for "regional delivery"

    • I got an email recently that Perth has had that removed or soon to be removed?

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    Got a free box coupon from someone - Wouldn't buy again

    Food prep took ages and the time I spent not going to the shop I spent in the kitchen at night.

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      what the heck are you doing? chopping with your hands?

    • +2

      every meal of my 4 so far, the listed time for cooking worked perfectly for getting everything done. Never took longer then 30 min to prep and cook the whole meal!

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    insert weekly comments about how the food isn't truly "fresh".

  • use cash rewards and get 20.00 credit to add to the discounted box!

    The referral takes me to 40% off! second time I clicked it it said GET $59.99 off.

    • Terms state: "Cashback is ineligible on sales via HelloFresh’s Refer a Friend program" so I reckon no cashback on this one

  • I'm still seeing my referral code as $70 off (and I get $70).

    Have just refreshed my code in OzB - let me know if it works?

    • I think the referral discount is based on the person who is referring you and changes depending on who's code is picked. My active account says
      "Give $50 off Send friends $50 off, and you'll get $50 credit when they sign up using your personal code." So if my code is the random code then that will be the discount!

      • That's right - I guess they can cycle through the referrals until they get to mine or someone else's who is $70 off

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    Oh, I've just cancelled after using my nearly $400 referal credits from earlier Feb deal.

  • +8

    Love using 5 pots, 3 pans, 10 bowls and two dozen sets of cutlery to make these meals.

    • +1

      And two ovens! Happened twice to me. I guess my oven is small.

  • We're using EveryPlate (HelloFresh's simpler option) at the moment. We'll then try Marley Spoon and their simpler option Dinnerly.

  • I got the "Sorry, it looks like we can't apply this discount as the offer has expired." message and it wants full price. F that

    • I got that, but the charge against my bank was the expected amt.

      Grabbed a screenshot, worst case scenario do a charge back if they offer one price and charge a different one.

  • Has delivery always been surcharged? I thought one of the perks of these services was that delivery was 'free' (i.e it was already factored into the box cost).

    • +1

      Nope, you always need to pay for shipping when if you have credit. I guess once in a while they do they offers fir free shipping but that’s rare

      • Straight up false. I had $100 credit and my credit paid for the shipping as well.

        • Not false. I was paying for delivery (I did have a couple free admittedly).

        • They started charging me shipping this month… Previously had two boxes delivered to me for free using my credits…

  • Thank you admins for improving my wording.

  • +1

    Thank you, order for one week. If we don't like it we will just cancel and blame you :)

    • +3

      Pause the next couple of weeks, so you don't get charged if you decide to cancel the service before they decide to charge you.

  • +1

    I've been using HelloFresh for a couple of years and although the meals can take a bit longer to prepare, my family love them and the variety is amazing!!
    If there is any issue with freshness of the ingredients I use the chat function and they give you a refund. They do only refund the cost of the ingredient though not the whole meal.
    Very easy to skip weeks/pause/change delivery day etc on the app.

  • +2

    Quite happy with HelloFresh overall.

    Only 5% (or less) of meals delivered have an issue regarding freshness of ingredients or missing item.

    Great for convenience and variety (although after a while, it’s the same salmon/chicken/beef/pork options) with a slight twist in the spice blend.

    For a meal of 4 people, I usually get 5-6 serves. I personally don’t ever try their “upgrades”.

    Also the customer service team is quite easy to reach and addresses issues promptly.

    Would be happy to recommend - although a bit pricey, haven’t found another company that has a better offering at the moment

    Also previous referral link I had on ozbargain = hundreds of credit to use for future orders + and regularly have 4 free boxes to give away to others! Great value for me overall!

    Just my 2c

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    I'm seeing a few people have had an issue or two with the freshness of the ingredients, and plenty are saying the variety and recipes are the best part.

    Does everyone know that you can get the recipes online? So you could choose a couple and get your ingredients yourself, eliminating all the shipping etc., and know that the ingredients you choose are ok.

    • I just checked. Hello Fresh online recipes only list the ingredient but not the quantity.

      • I had a re-look; as an example, this one lists quantities such as 2 clove garlic, 1 tin lentils, 1 beetroot, etc.
        Admittedly, it also shows 1 bag rocket leaves, 1 packet fetta cubes, etc., but most people would probably know how much to put in, and it isn't an exact science for these types of dishes. Most recipes are dummed down, but maybe it is those that haven't progressed with their cooking skills that are the target market.

      • Also often they provide a spice packet or a mixed paste which you cannot replicate.

  • +2

    I have had 6 boxes delivered so far, the quality and the freshness of the ingredients has always been significantly better than ColesWorths. Also love that you get sent the right quantity of ingredients avoiding the waste of having to buy minimum quantities from a grocer.

  • All ingredients are available from Coles & Worths with less cost unless you are using the voucher.

  • +1

    I have 80 dollars off. Pm me for code

    • 70 now

  • I Have 60 dollars off. PM me if interested.

  • I have 5 free boxes available … PM me if interested.

    • … and the free boxes are gone

  • My referral code is $110 off. Strange how they are all different - I thought it might've been a new promotion for everyone and tried to post but was not allowed :(

  • Mine is also $110 at the moment. Let me know if anyone interested.

    • Likewise, mine is $110. Anyone who needs one can PM me their email address and I'll forward it on.