Is There a Way to Get Telstra to Actually Offer Support?

TL;DR; Telstra are ignoring me and the TIO, I have no idea how to get them to do anything.

Rang Telstra to get a warranty repair arranged for my phone
CSR rep arranged for a bag to be sent to me so I could send my phone to them, it would arrive within 2 - 3 days
After a week of nothing, I was shopping and decided to go to the Telstra store and see if they could help
The staff there tried to arrange the repair but the Telstra system wouldn't let them because 'an existing case is open'
The staff rang their support number and were told it was too hard to change things in the system so tell the customer to take it to the manufacturer
(call was on speaker so I heard it)
I went home and rang Telstra I wanted to lodge a complaint, I was told someone would call me within 48 hours.
Yep, never heard from them.
I contacted the TIO, they did their thing and said wait two weeks to hear from Telstra.
Surprise, no contact
Spoke to the TIO again, they are so busy it will be 8 - 10 weeks before they can act on the case.
I even rang Telstra and they wouldn't talk to me because a TIo case is open so I have to wait for the Telstra TIO team to contact me
By the time they get involved it will be nearly 4 months with a broken phone.

So anyone have any suggestions to get something done?

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  • Chargeback? Keep waiting? File civil claim? Lawyer up?

  • Sounds like a perfect storm of shite.

    For all the crap people heap on people with iPhones this is one of the reasons to have them. Take the phone into the Apple store and let them sort it out. My experience with warranty issues is they will give you a refurbished device and take away your old one. Problem solved.

    Given this is escalating through the TIO I’m not sure what else you can do. This is the problem with escalating things; they get stuck in the system waiting for the wheels to turn. It has ceased to be anyone’s responsibility. Best of luck.

  • Took me about three weeks to get a refund for a closed account in credit. Their phones loop you to chat support, chat support lies and advises it will call you which it doesnt.

    What a shambles of a company.

    • That's not bad at all!

      Took me about 5 months but I'm still waiting, lol. In the end gave up just last week and told them to just credit my other account, which literally took 24 hours.

      These guys just don't want to give your $$ back.

    • Took me about three weeks to get a refund for a closed account in credit.

      The is super quick for tel$tra…

      It took them 3 months to fix a simple line issue for me, and it took the TIO to step in before they actually did anything or returned any promised calls.

  • Just let the manufacturer repair it. Be quicker too.

    Which phone?

  • This is entirely by design, most large companies this system of help doesn't make them money and doesn't really help the bottom line cos… you'll most likley be back. Australian market on things allows big players to operate like this. I hope you get some resolutions soon, I don't envy this situation and have been there before with others ventures in the past.

  • it took a complaint to the TIO to get things happening for me….
    Telstra are extremely poor when it comes to customer service…… I will never knowingly use them again.

  • If you don't require the Telstra mobile network then just leave for another provider. Best thing I did, Telstra has the worst customer service in Aus.

    • My personal experience is that Optus takes the cake on that one.

      • Since COVID the only way to communicate with Telstra is through an SMS messaging service, there were times where I waited overnight before getting my first response then after that was averaging a ten minute wait for each message response once I had an agent assigned. Would take me minimum 24 hours just to get past POI and initial router reboots. It took me 4 months to get a tech out to inspect the pit out the front of my house when I pointed to that as the issue on first contact (had dropouts after heavy rain, recurring issue).

        Worse than that?

        • Couple of time that we have had continuous dropout due to flooding of the local pit, Telstra have fixed it up pretty quickly. But this is before COVID and you could actually talk to people.

          My crappy experience with Optus is I took a Samsung Note to Optus to repair, they had the phone a month (and only did a software update), it didn't fix the problem (not surprised). Refused to take it so they sent it back to repairers again, another month, came back still not fixed. Sent it back again, rinse and repeat, except this time they had taken off my glass screen protector and put scratches on my screen, and the problem still wasn't fixed!! Even though I could demonstrate the problem in store, and I sent a USB with the device with actual footage of the very problem. Apparently the "technicians" couldn't find the problem. From start to final resolution it took nearly 6 months.

          Like I said though, personal experience. Everyone is going to have different experiences.

          • @AdosHouse: If they’re operating a customer service phone line they’re beating Telstra

            • @Cheaplikethebird: And yet just last week I took my Blueant earphones that I got from the Telstra plus store, into a physical store because they had developed a crackling in the right earpiece, and they exchanged them on the spot. So that's a positive point for Telstra in my books.

              Like I said, we will all have different experiences.

              • @AdosHouse: Yeah everyone has anecdotal stories which is why I'm saying that if Optus is operating a customer service phone line and not an SMS service then categorically they have better service than Telstra.

                • @Cheaplikethebird: I 100% agree that Telstra have monumentally f'ed up by having no call point working at the moment. Weird part is even last year during the worst of COVID they still did. Definitely a massive money grab/saving.

      • Not sure about that - it is a very crowded, competitive field.

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      Telstra has the worst customer service in Aus.

      By far !!!

  • At work while we get phones thru Telstra contract we recommend people get them warranty repaired directly via Apple - must better experience…

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    PM me any reference numbers you have, I’ll escalate for you

    • teehee. apparenly post on ozbargain for support is legitimate if supersaiyan is around.

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        OzTelstraSupport (legit!)

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        I’ve helped numerous people on here. If op doesn’t want to message me, or you think I’m scamming you or something, fine by me.. doesn’t bother me

        • I know you've helped people here.
          I was trying to be humourous… people post on here to get support from a company rather than go to the company.
          I was saying you actually help people.

        • Does Telstra still use Yammer?

          Given the dictionary definition is “talk foolishly or incessantly” it seemed quite apt.

          Thanks for trying to help people here. I’m an ex employee and I left when I just got too demoralised to go on. I got a decent package and left.

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    Is There a Way to Get Telstra to Actually Offer Support?


    Thread closed.

  • Contact Telstra CEO’s office. If you Google it, you’ll find their email address. They are actually helpful.

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      Andy Penn doesn't care.

      All he wants to do is split up Telstra so his shares are worth more.

      He doesn't give a toss about customer service as evidenced by the continued worsening of the service since he took over.

    • Pam is that you?

  • OP, which Telstra number did you call? I have an issue with Telstra also but couldn't find their contact number on their website.

  • don’t give up
    took me many months and several times threatening them with the Ombudsman to get a refund on a telstra air monthly pass that didnt work

  • Sounds like someone should have bought an iPhone. Your phone would have been fixed 3 weeks ago.

    But you get what you pay for.

  • Leave them. They've been like that for decades - I won't do business with them again. Too much of my life wasted chasing up their dodgy practices (them changing plan regularly, charging for non existent disconnection / reconnection, support sending me in a loop of new support people having to explain everything again each time)

  • If you're adamant about sticking with Telstra, some bad press (Google Reviews, Facebook, etc) is always an encouragement for businesses to act.

  • Just keep escalating with the TIO. Everytime you escalate due to no resolution on Telstra's part, they get fined and that fine increases exponentially each time.

  • I would buy a similar second-hand phone locally from FB marketplace or something whilst waiting and sell the repaired one when you get yours back. Nothing 'Telstra' is ever satisfying when you need support. I have resorted to using the Boost annual plan - means no more monthly data rollover issues either, Telstra network, no monthly bills, and l have a phone of my choice. I usually have a slightly older model phone, right now the Galaxy S10+, and each year I upgrade when a better feature is available. which is generally not much of a financial outlay as I get decent money for my existing phone and only shell out a little more for a slightly newer phone.

  • I too hate Telstra. I have been trying to get ADSL2+ for 3 years at my place, but Telstra always says there are no spare ports. I gave some moonshine to an employer once to look into the exchange, and he came back to tell me there are spare ports; and also to get his moonshine.
    When the mobile tower was erected in town last year, we had the Head of Tasmania Telstra here and the local Liberal member. I bailed them up at the opening function, so they were kind of forced into giving me ADSL2+.
    I did get my ADSL2+, but it was a speed of 12Mb/s; 1 am 1061 metres from the exchange. Telstra say it is within tolerance. After a few months of trying online & calls, Telstra admitted it online & in a call with a level 2 tech in January. I asked her since when I was shaped and by whom, when she came back, she said she had to go, and she quickly hung up the phone. That confirmed who did this to me.
    I was in a 2 year deal. I had to sign up to a 2 year deal to get it connected. Time to go to the TIO. I got released from Helstra thinking that I will go to another RSP & I will not be shaped anymore; guess what, my speed is still a constant 12Mb/s.
    My RSP said they won't do anything until I accept an ICOF. Which they say is for Helstra to check the line between my place & the exchange and if it is OK, I will be fined $169. I know the line is fine, but they have to check that first, which is stupid. I contacted the bloke who conciliated between me & Helstra, I have heard silence back. I tell Helstra about the problem & they say you are with someone else, go & see your RSP!

    • They really are a waste of your life. I haven't had to deal with anything telecommunications related since leaving telstra - stuff just works and is mostly invisible. This is in stark contrast to when I was with telstra - it was just a stress having to deal with them for their manufactured problems all the time. I really don't understand them as a business. Leave them and live your life. I feel for you if you're tied to them - I'd be looking for options.

      • it was just a stress having to deal with them

        They must be doing it deliberately.

        I cannot fathom anyone being so consistently incompetent over such a long period of time…

        • while I was with them I really felt that they were doing it deliberately. It was almost as if something was written in their file on me. I don't think I ever spoke to someone who really tried to help - I left them like that. My phone / internet etc is now almost inconsequential - nothing ever goes wrong.

      • I have left them, but I am still shaped!
        At least I have another option & it is called startLink.
        I signed up, now all I have to do is wait for enough of those little things to go up,
        then I can get a satellite kit and get away from Helstra, landline, my short time with ADSL2+,
        and all of it. But there is one thing that bothers me, who do you call when starLink plays up?

  • I own a business and have used both Telstra and Optus services.
    After calling the Optus sales team (and yes they are based in Australia), I realized I overpaid by almost 50% for my services with Telstra.
    They helped show me that even after paying my termination fees with Telstra, I am still saving more money.
    Absolutely good experience and the Optus support team was amazing as well when one of my phones had problems. Sorted out and someone actually called me on both my lines to make sure everything is working well.
    Although the Optus store staff could improve in terms of understanding business phone systems.
    Never going near Telstra anymore.

    • Sadly there are no good telco's in australia because none of them are required to be.

      Optus are shonky, and Telstra are as well. Bigger is not better, not cheaper but they do tend to maintain some semblance of service more often.

  • Can't you contact your phone manufacturer to repair the phone if the phone is under warranty?