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[QLD] 6-Pack of XXXX Dry for $10 with a NRL Footy Fans Voucher @ BWS


$10 for a 6 pack thanks to Queensland Rugby League and XXXX (RRP $19).

Looks to be very similar to the recent $10 Furphy deal.

From the website:
Claimants will be awarded a BWS discount voucher, allowing the claimant to purchase a 6 pack of XXXX DRY Lager (to share) for only $10 (RRP $19). The discount voucher is redeemable at any BWS store in QLD.

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  • Are these dry, bitter, sour, awful with a hint of hay?

    • Aah those Queenslanders are tricky aren't they?

      Notice that don't (can't) spell beer…. they call it XXXX instead ;)

    • I prefer the light muddy note

  • +2

    Are they paying me $10 to drink it? Id still need to think about it…

    • +4

      Say what you want. After mowing the lawn on a hot day I'd rather a clear lager than any pale or "flavourful" beverage. XXXX is great for that.

      • Damn you flavour, and your ability to make things taste of something

  • +3

    Great Northern super crisp> XXXX

  • +1

    Still better than crown lager

  • Beer is crisp

  • +1

    Cheers op. Not easy to get a 6 pack at$10 these days