Graphic Designer Interview, what to expect?

Hi everyone,
I have an interview for graphic designer position. This my first professional interview that I will attend. I am not sure what to expect, should I take some of work with me? Are they going to ask me to design something in front of them? Are they going to pay me per job or hour? What is the offer I should accept? Are they going to provide me with equipments during the work or I should bring my own?
Any one here works with a graphic designer can help me out?
Have lots of quarantine :(



  • a lot of those questions are only answerable by the company

  • Not sure but I used to sit in to review design students and they have to bring in their own portfolio to showcase during the interview. So, i said bring your portfolio along.

  • Just don’t be nervous and have a good sleep the night before.

  • Definitely have a portfolio of your work.

    I read an advertisement for a design role the other day. It provided two questions in advance for applicants.
    1. Identify an example of a project you have undertaken and explain the process from initial concept to finished product
    2. Explain how you manage the situation where your design concept and the client’s view of it differ.

    An organisation might give you a quick exercise or hypothetical situation to respond to but if so then I am sure they would provide the required resources.

  • When they ultimately ask "Do you have any questions?", make sure you have a few lined up. Doing research on the company before hand will help.

  • The most important Q you need to prep for is this one.

    What is your thought process when you are given a business problem to solve with design. What questions do you ask, what are the factors you consider, do you lay out constraints and understand boundries clearly, is user testing important to you, how do you communicate design to internal stakeholders and iterate on feedback and so on. Keep examples ready.

    For the rest - google graphic design interview questions, there are plenty of examples on glassdoor

    source- have interviewed lots of graphic designers.

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  • Are you dealing with a recruiter or someone from HR in the company? Nothing really wrong with asking them what you should prepare for if it is your first graphic design job.

    Without knowing anything about the industry, I’d expect it to be behavioural/situational and then questions like what spiunkyfondue has said.

    Also a portfolio of your work so they can look over it.

    If you google the company and similar companies and look them up on Glassdoor you might also get a good idea.

  • Have a think about examples of times you have managed multiple and competing deadlines.

    You will most likely get asked something along the lines of "How do you manage workload effectively with conflicting deadlines and priorities?"