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Jabra Elite 65t Titanium Black $89.95 Delivered @ Ninja.buy eBay


I know these are quite popular on here, jb hifi have them for $119 but, these seem to be the cheapest i have seen them. These are genuine

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  • I realise this deal is considerably cheaper for the Elite 65T, but in case anyone is after Active 65T from a B&M store, I picked them up yesterday for $129, price matching with Kogan and Dicksmith. With 5% discounted gift cards came to $122.55.

    Probably can be found for cheaper with another listing using PAPR15 though but I needed them immediately

  • They are $119 and jb and $99 at dick smith

  • Be careful if you use powerline adapters as they tend to cause some degree of interference with the headsets leading to some super annoying buzzing in the left ear bud. Otherwise apart from this, they aren't too bad

  • I use them daily on my commute. I love these things. Out of all the various bluetooth earphones I've used, they seem to hold their signal their best without interference. I can't comment about Powerline adapters above, but on daily commute where you walk past throngs of people using similar bluetooth earphones, they hold their signal

  • I have the 65T, and the mics on them are brilliant. I tried the Samsung buds plus and soundpeats 3 and people said I sounded clearer using the Jabra still!

  • the worst thing is having these on while using powertools…i can obviously understand the interference but its a nightmare when you are working in the shed.

    Other than that, they are highly recommended….get it from Jb if you can with an extended warranty

  • The microphone on these are terrible, pick up all the background noise and little to none of your voice. You need to yell if in a loud environment. Aditionally you need to be aware of which pocket your phone is in as they cut in out and depending. Right hand side is the driver, so cannot use left in isolation

  • Something to be aware of, can't use a single bud on its own, it's either right bud only or both.

  • Thanks for posting. Used some of my ShopBack credits (mostly from all the bloody alcohol deals), bought an eBay voucher and then bought these. Cheers