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Free Course - Japanese Language Course for Beginners Based on MISJ (Was $29.99) @ Udemy


The obasan that gave us these free courses is back with another free Udemy course.

What you'll learn

  • Basic Japanese pronunciation
  • Basic reading and writing of Japanese hiragana and katakana characters
  • Basic grammar for making sentences using NOUNS
  • Basic conversation skills which reflect your intelligence, which will allow you to make friends and enjoy shopping.

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    Just in time for the Olympics

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  • Nani?

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      Omae wa mou shindeiru

  • 写真のおばちゃんがセクシーですよう。。どこに会う方法かな?

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      • 古い女子の方が大好きい。。病気じゃないだろう。ミリフお美味しいそう見

        • 何言ってるの?😭

  • I seriously want to learn Japanese, would these free courses truly help or they would scare a beginner into thinking too hard and give up ??? Any user feedback is greatly appreciated.

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      They would help you understand the basics, but it takes years and proper textbooks/courses to understand it at a conversational level.

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      How to learn Japanese.

      1. Quit your job
      2. Assuming you have save 40k Aud, apply to for entrance to Naganuma School.
      3. Spend 1 or ideally 1.5 years full-time at said school, working part time with a bunch of Japanese for the exposure and practice, watch a ton of Japanese TV in spare time, refuse to associate with foreigners whilst in country.
      • Your personal success story ??

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          Its the oldest School in Japan to the best of my knowledge, they are very close to Shibuya, up Doganzaka I think. Alot of the students are embassy staff, expat executives sent to Japan by their companies.. They will kick you out if you don't do the work, if you are not all in, they don't want any time wasters. If you can make it through 1.5 years, then spend another few years in country working, reading newspapers, books, movies, immersion to really bed it down, make sure it's stuck in your noggin properly.

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      There are many paths to get there. Best to try a few different things and see what works best for you. The trick is to make it interesting or useful.
      It helps if you can test out your new knowledge somehow (order in a Japanese restaurant or talk with Japanese people). It is also important that you set yourself lots of mini goals (these should be achievable goals not unrealistic ones). Also test your knowledge at regular intervals, so you can see your improvement overtime.

      Even something simple like watching Anime/Japanese Drama/Japanese TV could get you started (with English subtitles).

  • Arigatou gozaimasu !!

  • Senpai will finally notice me.

  • Ann yeong!! ah juma!!

  • みんな頑張ってね!

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