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[eBook] Humble eBook Bundle - Warhammer 40,000 Stories 2021 by Black Library ($1.31/$13.13/$23.63) @ Humble Bundle


Humble eBook Bundle: Warhammer 40,000 Stories 2021 by Black Library
For the emperor! We've teamed up with Black Library for our newest bundle! Get ebooks like Dawn of Fire: Avenging Son, The Lords of Silence, and Double Eagle. Plus, your purchase will support EveryLibrary!

Pay AU$1.31 or more. Normally, the total cost for the ebooks in this bundle is as much as US$295. Here at Humble Bundle, you choose the price and increase your contribution to upgrade your bundle! This bundle has a minimum AU$1.31 purchase.

Read them anywhere. The ebooks in this bundle are available in PDF, MOBI, and ePub formats, so they work on your computer, e-readers, iPads, cell phones, and a wide array of mobile devices! Instructions and a list of recommended reading programs can be found here.

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  • Purge the Xenos!

  • I'm interested, very interested, but have no idea whether these books are all standalone or part of a series, should be read in a particular order, are particularly good or not.

    Any 40K fanatics care to comment?

    • I am by no means a fanatic but from my recollection of looking at the 'reading order' of 40K books it's a giant flow-chart that has various trees sprouting all over the place. I dont think there is really a perfect reading order to maintain chronology.

      The most important chronology is probably the first few Horus Heresy novels and from there you kind of 'choose your own adventure'…

      The second most important is probably the particular Primarch histories and whether they join the Heresy or stay loyal to the Emperor.

      Then there are the sort of more modern standalone books (seems like most in this pack) which I've found generally do all stand alone as long as you have a grasp of the universe. They might 'spoil' a particular primarch going good or bad but to be honest it would be hard to know anything about 40K and not know the main good and bad primarchs so its not much of a spoiler.

      • Cheers, might take the plunge into the Grimdark universe! I used to be a big fan of the 40K lore as a kid (collected the miniatures until the Tau got released) so reasonably familiar with the backstory, but it has been quite a while and there was always the possibility of major changes to the canon that meant I needed to read other books in the series first.

        • Marmaduke is correct.

          The only fully ordered collection is the Horus Heresy which comprises like 15+ books.

          It is set in the 31st century versus the 41st for the other books.

          It establishes the history of events that leads to the current universe (and the expansion and discovery of the Primarchs).

          The starting point for the 40k books I think is Nexus and other stories. But that's only really for the Space Marines.

    • Hey mate - you'll be fine with all of these books. Often, if a book is part of a series, HB normally gives you the first one.
      Most of the ones in this bundle are either standalone or can be read without the context of other books in the series.

      If you pick up the bundle, read the Ciaphus Cain book asap - freakin' love that series and Cain is an awesome character.
      Double Eagle and Brothers of the Snake will also be great reads as they're written by our lord and saviour Dan Abnett.

    • Short answer: you can start anywhere because there's books set every which when and as you read more you fill in some details here, some details there. Then you find yourself on the subreddit r/40klore and you're away.

      More detail:
      A lot of these books take place in the 'Indomitus Era', with some pretty heavy duty changes to the 40k universe, and where the current Rules of the tabletop game are. Pretty much everything in the $20+ bracket is in this current Indomitus era, but honestly you can catch up by reading some of these then rolling back if you really want to.
      I highly, highly recommend the Horus Heresy books (even just the first 4) to give you and idea of where the current lore came from.

      Most of the books in the $13 / middle tier are stand-alones focusing on characters or factions in the Pre-Indomitus era and so give you a good slice from that setting.

      The Beast Arises is a few thousand years before the current from memory, and is the first in a many-book series (which is pretty good on the whole but has clangers along the way).

      The Ciphas Cain books are a really entertaining, less Grimdark Imperial Guard focused (i.e. non-Space Marine) way to get into the 40K books. Gunheads, Double Eagle, are both military vehicle focused if that's your thing.

      Brothers of the Snake is a FANTASTIC in-depth look at Space Marines, so if you want that start there.

      As an aside buying all of these off the Black Library site would cost you mimum of $20 a book so it's a serious, serious bargain.

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