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$50 off Select Cases of Limited Edition Craft Beers + Delivery @ Bad Shepherd Brewing Co


Hey OzBargainers,

We've got 4 different limited edition beers on special this week. All $50 off their RRP case prices.

These beers are on sale to make room for new Limited Editions coming out. All brewed within the last 6 months.

Berry Parfait Cream Sour - $70 (RRP $120)
5.5% ABV | 10 IBU | 355mL Cans | Contains: Blackberry, Raspberry, Vanilla extract, Lactose

Tepache Spiced Lager - $60 (RRP $110)
4.0% ABV | 8.7 IBU | 355mL Cans | Contains: Lime, Pomegranate

Lychee & Green Tea Lager - $60 (RRP $110)
4% ABV | 15 IBU | 355ml Cans | Contains: Lychee, Green Tea

Homegrown Session IPA - $60 (RRP $110)
4.0% ABV | IBU 39 | 355mL Cans

We also offer free delivery for all orders in our local area and to our select Metro-Melb area for orders over $100.

Free Delivery:
Local (all orders): 3165, 3188, 3189, 3190, 3191, 3192, 3193, 3194, 3195, 3204
*Metro-Melbourne (orders over $100): 3000-3138, 3140-3207, 3800-3807, 3975-3976

*While stocks last. Not applicable with other coupon offers.

As usual I'll be checking the posts sporadically if you have any questions.

Cheers, Liam from Bad Shepherd Brewing Co

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  • Wish I was in Melb. That Berry Sour looks great! Good deal.

  • love the reserve road pils!

  • some of these look great…

    side point - When are we going to get a "group" powerful enough to change the governments tax on craft beer? kinda rhetorical I guess

    • What change do you suggest? I think the difference excise rates for different alcohols is weird and outdated. But I'm wondering what your "different" would be?
      (Noting excise is a great income driver, and if you don't want higher income taxes, or higher GST, any change would have to be revenue neutral…)

      • If you're Sco Mo incognito then id be happy to have a private chat about it, if not, then it's probably best kept as a rhetorical question.

  • $21.95 shipping kills the deal for me

  • What's the used by date on the creamy sour beers?

    • Hey mate, it's only been 2 months from its pack out, so you should be good for 6 months or more. I doubt anyone would drink a case that slowly :D. Beers like the Berry Cream Sour doesn't really have a shorter recommended shelf life but may be more susceptible to poor storage than some styles of beer, like leaving it in warm environments. Though that's bad for all beers. Cheers, Liam

      • Personally, I don't like them but I have a pregnant partner that will enjoy them in a few months

  • Where can I find reviews for Lychee & Green Tea Lager? Too risky to get a case…

  • Hi mate, was going to swing past at about midday to grab a case of Tepache if its not already gone?

  • Ah bugger, apparently the Tepache is online order only. Bit of a bummer since I drove about 45 minutes to the tap room to grab one, haha.