Unsubscribing from Kogan Retail Emails?

So I've found that anytime I place an order with Kogan, I immediately get resubscribed to all their email newsletters/alerts/promotional material, then I need to sign in again to unsubscribe from all of them until the next time I place an order.

Has anyone found a way to keep the de-subscription persistent? Is there a step or check-box during the checkout process that's hidden that I'm missing? Thanks in advance!

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    Relevant Meme.

    I don't think there is a persistent way to keep unsubscribed after ordering and that is on purpose.

  • I'm sure they will get another huge fine for their dodgy tactics soon enough.

  • I didn't even make a purchase, logged in to look at a previous order and got an email this morning

    surely this has to be illegal

  • I unsubscribed, then started receiving emails from Dick Smith, and another in the Kogan group. Unsubscribed from all, even though I had never placed an order with any of the other associated sites.
    Any emails received after this I reported/marked as spam. Sorted.

  • …that anytime I place an order with Kogan, I immediately get resubscribed…

    Then don't place an order with them!
    (there'll be something in there about you agreeing to join their mailing list when you agree to proceed with the order).

    • You're right.

      Last time I checked, the wording during checkout was "By continuing, you agree to the Kogan.com Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and to receiving marketing communications from Kogan.com".

      Weird that it's not against the Spam Act, and weird that Kogan is the only company I've come across ruthless enough to exploit that.

  • similarly.. how the (profanity) do you unregister your homeone account!?

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    actually this might be relevant https://www.acma.gov.au/articles/2021-01/kogan-breaches-aust...

    make sure you make a formal spam complaint to the acma if you are getting spammed so they get fined again

    • I emailed ACMA about Kogan's dodgy resubscription behaviour last year, and got a useless, generic reply about the requirements of the Spam Act.

  • I was recently browsing Kogan while signed in and since then have had ceaseless emails about searches and products looked at

    • Yep, although I find this is a pain up the @rse tactic many outfits use. You're logged in, something random catches your eye, you click entirely out of curiosity … and then you're bombarded with emails about some product you never had any intention of buying.

  • Stop buying from Kogan.

  • Make a throw away account or just filter all their crap to a random folder.

  • Don't use Kogan. Vote with your wallet. Why support people who are out and out dodgy in so many ways?

    • I don't support my local bikies' dodgy meth habits, but I DO support their community service to OzBargain.

      Sometimes you have to take the seeds with the chaff.

  • Dodgy As.
    Years ago I was offered a $50 voucher by Kogan if I signed up.
    When I did that and got the voucher, it finally stated the condition of minimum purchase $1200.

  • Has anyone found a way to keep the de-subscription persistent?

    Stop placing orders with them?

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    Set a rule in your email: all emails from Kogan goes in directory X. You only have to check X if you ever make an order, etc.

  • It's just a fact of life. Kogan re-subscribes you randomly even when you DON'T buy from them. Once you're on the Kogan train you can never, ever get off.

  • Shady efffing shysters, never buy from them.

  • Everything Kogan sells is JUNK
    So just dont buy anything from Kogan
    All done and dusted

  • Yeah - they're pretty annoying (worse if you've foolishly DL'ed the Kogan Android App - notifications etc.).

    Some products Are crap/shonky - but others are great (probably not the Kogan branded ones though) - they also bought the Dick Smith online name - which is why prices always match.

    The latest shonky thing the website does is list a product as sold by "username". Sort of like eBay but 100% worse…there's no link to seller details, there's no history for seller & prices are Weird - selling some things for 20 x the price & others suspiciously cheap.