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Free Burrito for New App Users (50,000 Available) @ Mad Mex


Just saw this on Facebook. Available to new Mad Mex app users.

How to redeem.

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  • Grabbed with the free optus sim I grab 2 weeks ago.

    • Update: Redeemed no problem… they told me when I scanned I had a free burrito

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    attempted to sign up and said my email was already registered. wtf?
    checked emails and apparently signed up 2 years ago for free burrito already. lol.

    • Use a new email. EZ free burrito.

      • +1

        Need new phone number as it gets verified

        • Ah damn.

  • Lunch sorted 👍

  • anyone successfully redeemed?

      • +5

        what does being asian got to do with anything?

    • Yeah, no issue. But I don't feel bad at all.

  • I'm trying to sign up but when it tries to confirm my mobile no. I never receive a txt? Anyone else have this issue and more importantly, a way to fix it?

    EDIT: Dw found the problem, my phone was auto filtering the txts as spam lol

  • damn registered and now the rundle place store is closed. No others in SA. Seeya App

  • +1

    Was about to claim my free burrito today but the voucher disappeared from my valid rewards, anyone else have the same problem?

    • Stil there for me registered on the first day the deal went up

  • Got mine today. The portion size at some places are so much bigger than others.. Seems to be the same with zambrero and gyg too.

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    Can you order through the app using the voucher? Or must you order it in store?

    • Has to be in store. When you click the voucher, they tell you to scan your barcode

  • Does anyone know if this offer is still valid?

    • +1

      just signed up and confirmed got the free burrito :)

  • ah (profanity), i ordered on the app by accident. You can't scan the voucher on pick-up after you that, fyi.

    Terrible app.