Samsung TU8000 Vs TCL C815 65 Inch TV

I'm buying a 65" TV for my living room. Currently torn between the Samsung TU8000 Crystal LED and the TCL 65C815 QLED. They are currently both in the $1200 range at the moment which suits my budget. As far as I know the Quantum-dot LED offered by the TCL is better than the Crystal LED by the Samsung. But I've never seen them next to each others.

TCL pros:
- Quantum Dot LED vs Samsung's 'Crystal' LED.
- Android TV
- Built-in sound bar which will save me a few hundreds purchasing another one.
- 3 year warranty vs Samsung's 1 year (confirmed by staff from Appliance Central).

Samsung pros:
- The brand.

  • I don't really mind about the refresh rate

Can someone comment on the picture quality between the two.
I'm more leaned towards the TCL, if the TCL's quality is better or similar to the Samsung's I'd go for the TCL.

Thank you very much.

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    Samsung TU8000
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    TCL C815


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    Built-in sound bar which will save me a few hundreds purchasing another one.


  • I did the comparison between these two TVs and ended up getting the TCL to use primarily for gaming in my small living room and did not want to spring for the X900H after it became apparent that the implementation of HDMI 2.1 and ALLM and VRR was problematic.

    From what I could draw from online, the TCL was better in all respects - but it is difficult to gauge because there are not a lot of reviews for TVs in this range and certainly little to no direct comparisons.

    I am pretty happy with the TCL - I needed a 55 inch for a fairly small room and it is mostly used for playing PS4, PS5, Xbox One S and Nintendo Switch. It does not have HDMI 2.1 or other features, but input lag rate is low and its more than acceptable for general gaming duties.

    The sound is above average, and the sound bar more than acceptable and in fact has quite a bit of power and is great in a small room. It supports Dolby Atmos as well.

    The interface is a bit slow - but Android is often a bit slow even on Sony TVs. It has been updated in the time I have owned mine and has the most up to date Android interface. All the Apps are there and has really good streaming support.

    HDR is not amazing, but at this price point, it should not be. It is acceptable and it supports Dolby Vision, HDR+.

    I have a couple of Sony 4K TVs in the house, the newest of which is a X900F, which is a really good 4K HDR TV. It is not close to that, but it shouldn't be. I use that for high end TV and film, but to be fair, I spend a lot of time watching the TCL because most TV I watch is streamed and a lot is just 1080p.

    The image smoothing is a bit funny on it and too be honest I don't use it. It has a bit of blooming in the corners, but it is a edge lit panel so there's not much getting around that.

    Build quality is good and it actually looks a lot more expensive than it is.

    It has voice activated google assistant built in but I don't use it because its a TV and it is unnecessary.

  • I wouldn't touch the TCL , I just purchased the Samsung tu8000 65 inch, it's ok but with delivery and extra 2 years warranty ( 4 years total ) for $1280 from the good guys i would of prefered Hisense q8 but couldn't justify the cost plus it doesn't support Binge or Flixtor

  • I bought TCL C715, regret everyday.

  • the tcl obviously, its at least qled (edge lit)
    samsung is edge lit too but it does not have the qled layer. (qled makes colors pop)
    also tcl has better warranty, and much better built in sound bar. its also android tv OS vs samsungs crappy tizen Os, well im not a fan of tizen. i have the lesser tcl c715 and im happy with it. people complaining about tcl is because they either get a bad batch or they hate the slow boot netflix and slow reaction of remote, but that's not the tv's fault, even the highest end tv with android tv has that lag like the high end sony tv's, the best way to fix it is to either get apple tv or those nvidia android boxes to solve that lag.