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[PC, Steam] Free - Utopos (After Completing Five Tasks, was ~NZ$12.39) @ Intel Gaming


Receive a Steam key for Utopos when you sign up to the giveaway and complete four other tasks.

Bold = what I did:

  • Sign up for the giveaway
  • Visit Intel Gaming Youtube
  • Visit Jani Penttinen Youtube
  • Follow @IntelGaming Twitter
  • Follow @UtoposGames Twitter
  • Join Utopos Discord Server
  • Visit Utopos Facebook
  • Which CPU did you purchase?

Utopos steam:

Utopos is a multiplayer online spaceship arena fighting game. Gameplay is from a top-down angle, dual-stick shooter and you can play against your friends online, or against AI-controlled opponents.

You can also complete the giveaway process at Gleam

Found at mydealz

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