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[LatitudePay] Logitech MX Master 3 Light Grey Wireless Mouse $84 + Delivery (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Grey import of light grey version of MX master 3.
On sale for 109, checkout with latitude to get it for 84.

Original Deal: $50 off $150 Spend: Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, LE, Wireless1 I $25 off $75 @ Catch, Cotton on, Kogan @ LatitudePay

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  • Really good price here!!

  • Cheaper than before,I got the black one from Kogan before about $88(combined some promotions and vouchers)

    • same here, but price is gonna cheaper and cheaper , cant really wait forever.

      and not to mention that the longest waiting period of warehouse dispatch, in addition to that probably talking about May or June..

  • +5

    Where are my left-handed equivalents, Logitech?!?

    Slams right fist to avoid mouse

    • +2

      try switch using your right (blade), switchblade88….

    • Use the mouse up side down

      • Sounds like you're just palming off the issue

        • Having a left handed is just a mice to have

      • righthandmasterrace..

    • at the Leftorium

  • tempted but i m using trackball mx ergo…

    beware many reviews says, this mx 3 is not good for petite hands

    • Maybe if you got baby hands. My hands are small and they're perfectly fine.

      I'm a bit of a palmer though (hehehe giggity giggity).

      • ok. how many cm wide of your palm ? the widest part

        • 8cm wide.

          • @Munki: huh thats small. mine (from thumb to pinky is 10)

            • @CyberMurning: I don't know why I didn't include my thumb, but it's actually 9cm with the thumb knuckle bit. Oops.

              But yes, I have small hands and the MX Master 3 is comfy. I came from a G9x as a daily for years.

              • @Munki: hmm i got a female friend that around 8-9cm wide and she's complaining - then i help googling and saw few reviews saying the same.

                • @CyberMurning: I dunno what to say, but if I place my entire palm on the mouse, it feels absolutely fine. I can access all buttons and wheels without issues.

  • +1

    Does anyone have this issue, I am using a MBP and my MX master 3 keeps unpairing randomly or doesnt sync so I have to forget and repair completely?

    • Sorry I don't have an answer to your specific question. I had that problem when I was connecting my MX2 to my Microsoft Surface Pro. Luckily I got a new laptop (Dell) and I haven't had that issue with Dell laptop so I never got to the root cause of that behaviour so not sure what caused this issue but it was annoying as anything as I had to repair everyday.

      • Same thing happened with my original MX Mastermouse and my older laptop. But i've got newer laptops and a MBP 16inch and bluetooth works flawlessly. Sometimes on my Windows computer i do have to occasionally have to reset as a new device, but i think that it's just a windows issue rather than the mouse it's still going strong!

    • Have heard MB has issue with Bluetooth so try using the USB dongle to see if issue still exist

      • Bit of a pain with USB-C unless you’ve connected it to a monitor or hub with USB.

    • I've had this happen maybe 2-3 times on my MBP over the last month (everyday work use). Not sure whats going on but I believe its an MBP problem more than Logitech. Clicking the blue bluetooth icon for the MX3 on and off usually fixes it for me.

      Same sort of thing how my airpods lose connection every now and then but are still 'connected' according to the MBP.

      Wonder if its a congested 2.4ghz signal area??

    • Yes I had the same issue with my Mac and returned it for a refund after contacting Logitech for support with no help.
      Very disappointing as I only purchased this mouse because of all the positive comments on OzBargain!

  • Isn't the Latitude Pay $50 off deal only only spend of $150+?


    • $25 off $75 spend at Kogan

    • +2

      Yeah i coulda sworn i saw 50 of 150 a week ago. Maybe they changed it?

      • Its actually the offer at harvey norman

  • +1

    I keep thinking of Mix Master when I see "MX".
    Mix Master (Mike) cut faster !!

  • Not sure how latitude pay works. Would there be a way to stack this with the kogan amex credit?

    • yeah interested too if can, i dont mind registering for latitupay (i got the amex kogan offer)

      • +3

        latitude wouldnt let me put in amex details for payment, only visa/mc

        • this is 2021 and someone still not accepting amex… dont support latit!

        • ah damn! that would've been awesome if it stacked :(

  • +1

    MX Master 4 incoming?
    1 released in 2015, 2s in 2017, 3 in 2019..

  • +1

    Regardless of the price. It's an amazing mouse. Not sure why on earth I kept ignoring this. It looks bulky. It's not!. It's got some weight on it if you are coming from a bit lighter mouse. I have been using Logitech vertical. I like the fact you can switch between the devices. The custom button setup is amazing. Especially for Teams and SKype, with a single click on the side of your thumb, you can mute and unmute. You can customise it for all your applications. It's amazing. One word you won't regret.

    • Can you set up a zoom function for an image or page? I couldn’t work out how to set this up?

  • oh no, I got mine for 119 last month…..

  • The MX Master 2S is also listed for $83 making $58 with the latitude pay deal.
    Is the newer one worth the extra?
    Link: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/logitech-mx-master-2s-wireless-…

    • Ive seen a few reviews, the wheel on the 3 is metal vs rubber on the 2, I think they changed the plastic to wear a little less. Biggest thing is the forward/back side buttons on the 2s are very hard to press.

      • nice they moved those two-button below and made the side wheel larger, I love its scroll features, always miss them when I use another mouse.

      • Well, I guess I'm a cheapskate. I bought the 2S

      • I can confirm the bad position of those buttons on my 2S. I regretted that from my first Master which I sold too quickly.

        The 3 brings the usb C. Just that morning, I could not find a cable with the older usb to recharge the 2S. So 3 bought

  • -

  • -2

    I'm thinking of upgrading my MX to this and claiming it on tax, so it's essentially free.

    • +2

      Someone clarified on a finance post on ozbargain that you just reduce it from your taxable income - which means your saving is x% (your tax rate) of what you spent for the mouse. In other words, it's not free. But yeah, double check with an accountant or the statement at the end if you did this before.

      • +2

        yeah impossible to get it for free… only air is free in this planet.

      • 100% correct.

        Nothing is a "100% tax deduction", even if described as such.

    • Need to change your accountant mate. haha

  • +1

    Gr8 price, terrible colour

  • Got a mail from dick smith and going to pull the trigger despite the delivery fee. But I needed to check the deal and I was sure it was here. Glad I check and went on kogan instead with free delivery.
    Cheers mate.

  • +2

    Subscribe get 5$ credit and use code "APPLOVE" to get $5 first order, the final price will go down to $74. Great deal

    • How to get $5 for the subscription?

      • Browse kogan.com.au on a desktop, a banner will show up the bottom.

    • No need to subscribe, just download the app and enter the code APPLOVE ;)

      • Subscribe for another $5 off, totally you save $10

  • -1

    She thick

  • I am not getting Latitude pay option in Kogan cart…?

  • I'm also not getting a Lattitude option, and when I tried to continue on, I got this mesage

    Thank you for your order. Further action is required.

    For your security, your bank needs to verify that you are the authorised card holder.

    Please continue to your bank's verification page. Once verified we will process your order.


    It took me to to this web page https://www.securesuite.co.uk/cba/tdsecure/intro.jsp - is this a new thing? Is this legitimate? I haven't bought anything from Kogan in along time.

    • I went ahead with the process, and the order was processed. I *hope * nothing else happened "in the middle".

  • Can be $79 + Delivery if you're eligible for https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/618808

  • Thanks OP.

    Ended up grabbing this to go with the Logitech MX Keys purchased from HN using LatitudePay as well.

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