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$50 off $150 Spend: Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, LE, Wireless1 I $25 off $75 @ Catch, Cotton on, Kogan @ LatitudePay


Catch Discount should work multiple times if you do guest checkout. (don't use email that is linked to an account, otherwise it will ask to login instead)


On April 21 to 23, choose LatitudePay and get $50 off your $150+ purchase.

To redeem $50 OFF, select LatitudePay at checkout and discount will be deducted at LatitudePay Payment schedule. Single use only. Available Online Only. Offer available to new and existing customers. Minimum spend $150. Offer ends 11:59pm AEST 23/04/2021

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  • Does GC counts, I wonder?

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    I never use LatitudePay before.
    Does it always require credit check?
    Is there any way to pay off Latitude straight away full amount with credit card?

    • They do a credit check.
      After a heap of credit card churns with no movement in my credit score …. Latitude Pay was first thing to drop my score down in years.
      Might be coincidence though

      • I clicked 'no' when it requested permission for a credit check yet it still approved an account for me.

        • Did u check if they somehow sneaked in a credit check on you after that?

        • Smart play, I assumed that would mean a rejection.
          Great tip!

        • When did you apply? There doesn’t appear to be an option to refuse the credit check anymore.

          • @Pecan: I just applied, there were two checkboxes, one saying that you agree to have your ID checked and the other saying that you agree to have a credit check done. I got approved without checking the credit check option.

            • @NPT1995: Thanks, do you mind sharing the link that you signed up via please?

              • @Pecan: I just went through the main sign up link - https://app.latitudepay.com/

                Just don't check the first checkbox which will be after you enter your name, address etc.

                • @NPT1995: Thanks, thats where I went and there are definitely no checkboxes. Nevermind.

                • @NPT1995: Edit: Initially, the only checkbox appearing for me is under the address “I have lived here for less than 3 years”. The text below says “By starting your application:… You agree to:… Us completing a credit check during your application”.

                  After clicking continue there are additional checkboxes to agree/disagree to ID checks with credit reporting bodies, but it explicitly says “this is not a credit equity”.

                  I even got an email confirming I qualify for LatitudePay with $700 to spend before I went through the ID checks.

                  It looks like you agreed to the credit check in the first page and there is no option to opt out of it.

      • A free annual credit report should show named enquiries, so you could check

    • You can pay it off straight away and there won't be any early exit fees. I've done it in the past. If you choose to pay it off in 10 weekly payments and complete all payments on time then at the end of that contract (all payments done without any arrears) they offer you an increase in credit limit. That is how you build your credit history with them. I have managed to increase mine from $1k to $1.5k by making all my payments on time.

    • You can log in and pay the remainder (or however much else you want to pay). I did it after my first purchase and they locked my account.

      After emailing them their explaination was:

      "Please take note that making rapid payments on your account can result in your account being blocked."

      In any case, the payment plan doesn't charge you interest it just spreads the payment over time

      • Wow! I've paid every one of mine off in full the very next minute. I only ever use it to get the discounts!

        • Hey, can you help. I'm a bit confused. I am thinking of signing up just for the discount. So if I pay off the item immediately, they will block my account?

          • @first in line: Haven't blocked my account… and like I said, I only ever buy using this type of payment service when they do have a discount offer, but pay it off immediately so I don't forget or get stung.

    • From the comments in the past. They lock your account and you have to email or call them to unlock it

    • Basically the same process as Afterpay, Zip etc. You should get approval within a few minutes.

    • I just registered and it only asked for an identity check.

      Can anyone tell me if the default of 10 weeks can be changed so I can pay it off sooner without getting the account locked? I assume not?

    • These things are best linked to a debit card but I think I had the option to link to a credit card. Buy your item, you pay in 10 instalments over 10 weeks no fees. Only if you miss a payment do you get a fee but if that is a risk then dont buy the item. At any time you can login to the web site and pay future instalments or the whole remaining balance in one go.

      WIth a new account you may be limited to $500 credit to begin with. SO if you want to buy a $750 item, you'd pay $250+1st instalment of $50 upfront, then $50/week for remaining 9 weeks.

  • Pretty good, will be able to get the tree house for $239 including shipping after $50 off (if they still have stock a week later)

  • Once per store or once per account?

    • Per Latitude account.

      • (from their little help bubble on the bottom right of the FOMO PROMO landing page)

        How many times can I redeem the offer?
        You can take advantage of these offers across all our participating merchants, but the offer can be redeemed once per merchant.

        Terms and Conditions:
        To redeem offers applied by LatitudePay, select LatitudePay at checkout and the discount will be deducted at the LatitudePay Payment Schedule. Offer is for single use only per merchant. Minimum spend amounts apply and vary per merchant. For offers applied by merchants please refer to terms and conditions on the merchant website. Offer ends 11:59pm on the 23rd April 2021.

        • Didn't prove to be the case. When trying to purchase through different merchants for the $50 discount it didn't apply it after the first purchase.

  • Disappointing that JB have just signed up, but so far no promotion at all

  • Overall think it was been worth signing up to Latitude pay as they seem to run these instant discount deals relatively frequently. However, make sure you pay off in full straight up or at least have the cash ready in your account for the weekly payments to avoid paying any fees

    • Agreed. I have had the most promo offers from Latitude. Zip for me have been the worse. Only use these BNPL providers when the promo is offered, otherwise, no real appeal to me over regular credit cards. YMMV

      • Zip had a few Pizza deals at Pizza Hut where I effectively got paid money to eat pizza plus that other 10% off all purchases on Saturdays in December which I used to stock up on Coles Myer and WISH gift cards. So pretty decent in my usage (the savings from the gift cards were even greater than these latitude offers).

        I would agree that it was only worth using these BNPL services when there was a promotion.

        However, I've now started using Zip frequently after they introduced their virtual VISA card feature to extend the interest free period of my credit card by effectively 1 month while still earning points (can then keep money in savings or mortgage offset for longer before paying off in full) without any fees.

    • I let them direct debit through my credit card so my payments are always processed automatically, and I earn credit points at the same time.

  • Their IPO is on 20 Apr, I guess they wanted to keep their ipo sp high by launching this marketing campaign

  • Hrmm, now what do I need want that is >$150?…

  • I've never used Latitude Pay (or anything similar). Can I just pay the full cost upfront, via Latitude Pay? Is that possible?

  • Only irritating thing I've found with LatitudePay is that there's no way to see you're history with them. As soon as a purchase is paid off, it disappears and can't be seen again.

  • I never used Latitude pay before but when I tried to sign up for an account, they told me that my application was failed because I had an existing account.
    After 3 days of emails back and forth, they said that I don't have an existing account but they also failed to identify verified me. I don't know what to do

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    I signed up with LatitudePay on the last Good Guys deal but kept on receiving a failed purchase notification. I gave up but they did follow up with an email with the following email:

    We made a mistake by incorrectly blocking a purchase you made on 22/03/2021 and we hope this system error doesn't happen again.

    As our valued customer, we would like to offer $50 off your next payment plan when you make a purchase over $100 at any of our retailers. This offer is valid until 30th April 2021.

    We will ensure that $50 is credited to your plan during the month of April, not long after you make a purchase.

    So scored a Chromecast with Google TV for $54 including delivery.

    Seems like they are going out of their way to pick up market share from AfterPay.

  • What happens if you purchase items and then return them, would this impact the $50 off $150?

    • Unless extremely lucky, and the store credits you directly on site, then yes.
      Stores will usually process your return via the method paid. Meaning that, in the case of one of mine, Kogan refunded me via LatPay, then LatPay refunded me in equal parts to the amounts I actually paid.

  • Here we go. Expect a bunch of random deals with $50 off the item due to this promo

  • Just another debt trap for people not on the ball, unfortunately a lot of people are not or get caught up with everyday life and that’s what these companies count on, especially since credit card use has been falling

  • Is LatitudePay simmilar to Zippay in terms of paying off stright away? or paying the balance off before the due month?
    Some people said you get blocked if you pay up stright away

  • Sonos one sl here I come, to go with my beam from the last tgg and latitude pay promo. Thanks OP

  • Any recommendations for a Nespresso machine that is compatible with most pods? The wife is after one and was keen on the Vertuo from Costco for $100 but apparently it only takes the Vertuo pods.

    • Then you're looking for the original nespresso pod machines. Steer clear of Vertuo as your only choice of pods will be from nespresso (for now).

      • Thanks for that, I’ll check it out. Someone recommended a Lattissima One elsewhere which appears to be an original and decently reviewed.

        • Most (if not all) pod machines function the same - so careful of spending more than you need to.
          Main things to consider is the size of the pod catcher and water tank. If you don't mind filling up the water and removing the used pods often (like every 2nd day), then get a smaller size (extra browny points as it saves bench space). But if you want to be a bit laid back, then go for a bigger machine that has a larger water container and used pod dispenser.
          I personally have the Delonghi Essenza Mini & Milk, as its the most compact I've found (with my work reward points). I do have to refill the water and remove the pods often, but that to me is no fuss and keeps things clean. Oh and i tuck away the separate milk frother - I only whip it out on rare occasions to make babyccino for the kids.

          • @sphinxy: If changing the water and clearing the pods every couple of days saves $100, I’m all for it they do the relatively same job and take a variety of pods.

            • @PlantBasedJonesy: With 'variety of pods' do you mean 'different brands of pods'? The reason I ask is the Nespresso original machines will only take that shape and size of pod. Having said that, you're not restricted to the Nespresso-branded pods as you can buy many different brands these days with a wide variety available at supermarkets alone. (The Vertuo pods, as has already been pointed out, you can only buy from Nespresso themselves at this point so you'd be locked in with those.)

              There are three main pod systems these days (Nespresso, Caffitaly, Lavazza Mio) and the pods are not interchangeable between them, hence why you need to be clear on what you want. The only machine I'm aware of that can genuinely take all three is the Sunbeam EM7100, however that's a full-size espresso machine which uses adapters and comes at a correspondingly higher price.

              • @Chazzozz: Yeah sorry I wasn't clearer. I meant a variety of different brand pods so no need for a machine that would take all sizes and shapes.

                I'll suss out the ones you mentioned and see which pods my wife would prefer. Thanks :)

                • @PlantBasedJonesy: No problem, it can be confusing at times. Nespresso style pods will have the greatest range available. Caffitaly are the same ones you get at Aldi, if you happen to shop there already. I’ve never had the Mio so can’t vouch for them, but they seem to have the least variety.

  • Anyone has any recommendation what to get?

  • chances of ps5's coming in stock during the period?

  • Are they collecting mobile numbers for SMS spam?