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Meermin 101570 Black Calf Chelsea Boots $235.13 Delivered (Was $378.75 Delivered) & More @ Meermin


A quality alternative to RM Williams that won't break the bank. Made with French boxcalf leather, with Goodyear welted soles to ensure many years of wear.

Line Item Price
Meermin 101570 $194.00
Shipping $19.75
Subtotal $213.75
GST $21.38
Total $235.13

I've placed links to men's and women's shoes below, just refine the list down to your show size and take a browse for any specials
List of all men's shoes
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I was personally after the 101579 for $308.48AUD~ $410.88AUD~, but they've sold out of size 11 :(

Edit: postage is $19.75

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  • I have heard good things about Meermin (rigid when new but after they are broken in, they are quite comfortable). I don't think there are any local retailers that stock Meermin and sizing is always (mostly) an issue with online shoe purchases (I have learnt it the hard way) and therefore I never ended up buying Meermin.

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    Thanks for putting the final price (including shipping and tax (by the looks of it), OP!

    • Sorry postage wasn't included. I've just updated the title prices to include postage, and made a note that postage is $19.75

  • Always good to reference https://old.reddit.com/r/goodyearwelt/ when discussing these shoes. There is a trove of information available on there that may help prospective buyers.

  • Fwiw I've owned a pair of Meermin boots for about 6 years and they are still going strong. I emailed them with my exact foot dimensions before ordering to validate I was selecting the right size and they were spot on.

  • FYR bought 3 pairs of Oxfords (1 brown, 2 black - I'm adventurous I know) and would say the outside leather is very stiff, but good quality. But the insole heel side-wall leather is very thin. I've worn out the 2 black pairs to the point the plastic internal side-wall is remaining. Had to put duct tape on the brown pair to prevent the same issue. Good price though.

  • Had my meermins monks for 6 years and love it. Got rubber on the bottom replaced twice and the exterior leather is still as good.

  • Have had Meermin oxfords (101482) for about 5 years - havent worn them in a year due to covid, but after about 2 years the stitching came out of the cap toe and the cap started coming off. Got them fixed but it was difficult to stitch down to the welt without taking the sole off and so they are coming loose again. And yes, the reports of stiff leather and a harsh break in are spot on, maaaaaaan it was painful when they were new.

  • Argh I just discovered that the prices are in AUD not USD. The 101579 is $257.75 delivered, but no size 11 😭

  • how long do i wear it being taking a shoey

  • Everything is out of stock in any normal size, dont waste your time

  • Nice, looks like prices have come down since I use to buy from them…actually maybe just due to the dollar appreciating, eitherway.

    Yes these are stiff at first and will take longer to break in than what you might be use to. One thing I love about R.M Williams is they are so comfortable out of the gate, whereas these need a bit of time and wear.

    At these prices worth keeping meermin in mind, quality of these shoes runs rings around most of the trash sold in the AU market like Aquila and most stock you find in David Jones etc. Head over to trimly and grab yourself a pair of shoe trees and you'll be on your way to having shoes that will last you for years to come.