What to do with $40k?

Am 24 years old and have purchased my first house which I can pay off using my salary. I have circa $40k saved and need to find somewhere to invest that is better than it just sitting in my offset account.

What suggestions do people have?


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    PM marksmarkdownmarket I'm sure he can steer you down the right path.

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      …after he pulls his head out of his own butt.

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        Does something with that much pulling power exist?

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          One can only try…

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          If it does, he'll have brodened it with his sweeeeeet trade discount!

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    Safemoon (jk)

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      if op could potentially afford to lose it, Safemoon with $40k could make this guy a millionaire.

      • Don't touch safemoon lol or doge for that matter.

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    Put it towards a Tesla.

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      I got 5 in the last deal posted, hence only $40k left.

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    Offsetting your mortgage is a good place for it.

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      It'll better in another investment if he can out-earn the 2% or so mortgage interest (after taking into account any taxes payable).

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        Such as ?

        • That'll depend on his risk profile.

          • @bobbified: yeah i understand offset is a good starting place but can afford to pay off mortgage without this $40k. If i can find a better investment that will grow money that would be better. Not risk averse and open to suggestions will do my own research after that.

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            @bobbified: Has already stated they want better than mortgage (say 3%)

            Can you advise investment for….
            5 - 10%pa
            10 - 25%pa
            25% +

            • @oscargamer:

              Can you advise investment for….

              Nope. I can't give you any specific investments since I haven't been following any of the markets recently and I don't want to just pull something out of my butt. There's obviously the mainstream investments such as shares and managed funds. Within those, there are a range of different asset classes and builds that caters to certain requirements, risk profiles and the length of investments.

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        Who is giving 2% interest with offset these days??

        Also don't forget offset does not incur tax, nor has any risk. So consider that for whatever investment you do.
        Also OP is 24 yo and just bought their first house, makes a lot of sense to have a rainy day account which offset is.

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    Hookers and Cocaine.

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    offset is good.

    but i would honestly DCA into ETF like sp500 asx100 etc. (asx:IVV, asx:IOZ)

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      yeah that would have went well today :/

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    Spaceship Universe Portfolio?

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    bitcoin - all in :P

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    What happened to all the sensible answers like
    All on black.

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      dont want to push my luck, did that with 20k to get to 40k.

      • okay. next step is to revert bet back to $20k.

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    Depends on your risk profile. Offset is safe and "tax free". Otherwise, ETFs, Spaceship, BTC/crypto (in order of low risk to high risk).

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    Shove it in Super or ETF's would be the play. Depends what you want and what it's for really. Hell, keep going and perhaps look at buying a business or IP? Offset is a good tax free stagin area, well done on the house and savings and no high yeild investment vehicles or whatever ;) Ohh education is always a good investment too, future proofing yourself ect.

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  • I am in australian unity diversified property fund and its been great. Until april 30th is a discount on management fees. I would suggest reinvesting monthly dividends as the units are cheaper. I have had an excellent return and capital growth. They told us we are getting a bonus in July as they sold a property at a profit. They own shopping centres etc leased to tenants like woolworths.

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    Buy top 5 crypto and sit tight

  • Spacetalk (spa.ax). Australian company making kids smart watches. Just signed deal with Telstra, watch reviews are really good for the new adventurer, distributing via Amazon in the UK and plans to enter US market later this year. Oh yeah, sold out across all JB hi-fi stores (standard midnight grey color).

    But you're young, so don't waste your youth not investing in growth stocks. FIRE - financially independent, retire early. Can only do that with investing

  • Use this combined with drawing down equity in your house (if you have sufficient) to purchase an investment property in an appropriate (solid but diversified) location. This provides the advantages of relatively secure investment, diversification, compound growth, leverage etc.

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    Find the thread on what to do with $20k but do it twice.

  • You could think about paying down your mortgage, then borrowing it back from the bank assuming it takes you back up to 80% LVR, then investing it. That way there’s $40k less interest you’re paying on your home mortgage.

    • Is that to convert part of a non-deductible loan to a deductible one?

  • Hi Mate,

    you can put aside some of the fund in safe investment (max Drawdown only 1.5%) returning 6-8% per month.
    and let the compounded growth does its magic.


    PM me for more detail if you interested

  • Put it toward house payments

  • I would invest a little bit on ETF and save the rest for a rainy day to cover your mortgage.

  • reduce your mortgage.