Need Help with My TCL TV

I recently bought a TCL 55' C715. The remote is horrible, I have to point it perfectly direct to the TV so that the signals can be picked up. I also tried to programme Apple TV remote to control Volume, but didn't work at all. I have contacted TCL support and been waiting for a week now.

Any help here?


  • Cut a little piece of Tin Foil and glue it on top of the IR sensor on the TV. Angle it so it works when you press something. Else get a branded TV.

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    I got the 55" P715 last year and the remote works fine…

  • I have a slightly different model TCL and one thing I have found is that it is very fussy about the batteries in the remote. It went OK for a while when the batteries were new, then did what yours is doing, so I put fresh batteries in — and then I had to fiddle around and swap them around a couple of times to get it to work properly.
    Never seen that before on a TV, and certainly not on my LG.
    My Apple TV works OK but I prefer to use the volume on the TV remote anyway so I can't really help with that.
    Also there was a software update with the TCL last week and that seems to make things run a bit faster

    • It was like this from day one, but I will try a new pair of batteries tonight. Thanks!

  • Had a similar problem with my TCL 55C8, the remote worked intermittently, then wouldn't work at all and had to switch the tv off to get it to work. Luckily it came with extra voice remote that runs off bluetooth so could use that, also had Magiconnect on my phone. I contacted TCL and had to chase them up for a weeks, but they eventually came through and sent someone out to change the main board. Its been fine for the last few months.
    Software updates are posted here - make sure you get the one to suit your chassis.

    • My remote always works as long as I point it to the bottom right corner, which I believe is where the receiver located.

  • Logitech harmony?

  • Yes, that is how IR remotes work.

    To use your Apple TV remote you would need to turn on CEC in the TV's settings. This option could be in the Audio settings or could be in the General Settings, hidden as something like HDMI+.

    A better option might be using the OK Google functionality for changing channel or selecting shows on the inbuilt apps. You would need to connect the tv to home internet and google can be a pain to set up, but your local HiFi store usually has someone you can pay to come out to help you.

    • Good IR isn’t that directionally sensitive and shouldn’t need to be pointed exactly at the sensor. My “vintage” Samsung plasma has an IR remote that you can point in nearly any direction and it will work, including straight up at the ceiling.

      • Yes, you can design a remote to chew though batteries and output IR at silly levels. Or you can design a silly large IR reflector (as others here have explained). Wasteful and comically large designs are now unacceptable to most people.

        More expensive remotes use bluetooth. But OP literally bought the cheapest smart 4k OLED on the market. And it should have CEC on top of Google and Amazon integration.

        TLC provided two other control methods that OP could have set up if they took the time to read the manual. Why would TLC waste money on environmentally poor design when most TV remotes are replaced with device remotes and voice assistants?