Laptop recommendation for elderly person?

Just looking for some recommendations for an older person who would mostly just use basics such as youtube/ facebook etc, any ideas?


  • Anything that doesn't have a 1366 x 768 display, isn't using slow eMMC storage and is cheap. That's really it, since pretty much any laptop can do FB/ YT and emails.

    see similar forum thread

  • Probably a tablet. Can then make the on-screen keyboard nice and large etc

  • Tablets work fairly well for the elderly.
    Even an older gen ipad to keep cost down

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      Yep - the less moving parts and complexity the better.

      The use case should just be:
      Switch on -> Open App.

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    Definitely check out an ipad for those things, only really need a computer if there's certain programs you need to run.

  • Maybe a Chromebook. Pick one with FHD screen and you are all set for years!

  • My 87yr old mum loves her ipad. I wouldn't even think of putting her on a laptop.

  • Check out Chromebooks.

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    Agree with the iPad suggestions above.

    Plus not to worry about installing a virus scanner and other bloatware to keep it “safe”.

    You’ll get too many tech support calls (and get super annoyed too 😆), if you go with PC/Windows route.

  • Just beware if you give out PC make sure you lock it down. So many scammer out there targeting elderly PC users.

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    Absolutely iPad, especially if they already have iPhone. iPad has plenty of apps for almost anything and very easy to do most things. Get keyboard if they're more comfortable with one. The new M1 Macbook Air are nice too if they need/want a laptop.

  • iPad. It just works. My mum is level zero tech-savvy and if her can use it, anyone can.

    All websites these days support mobile website and touch input so it is much easier to use. You can use "Content & Privacy Restrictions" to lock out app download and app removal to prevent them accidentally purchase/deleting/moving apps (see this

    Just set up the app for youtube and facebook and put them on the first page.

    The home button is perfect. just one button press get the screen back to the familiar home page.

    Also, it will last like 5 years. So no need to re-train as often. Save you time and money.

  • My dad got really into his iPad. Not as good for long emails etc, but great for a lot of things, and very easy to use.

  • Windows machine if you want to be called every 2 days with questions, supporting AV, reinstalls, slowness, loss of connections etc.
    ipad if you want a call every 6 months about something basic
    That's my experience with my parents