Which Is Good Used PC Config for Programming & VMware


I would like to buy used PC, need help to find out which spec will be good if want to learn Networking, VMware, programming & photoshop.

I saw USFF and SFF pc for space saving. But i am not sure if USFF give same performance as SFF or less.

Some option i saw online;
(1)Dell OptiPlex 9020 i7-4790 3.6ghz / 8GB / 128GB….. $200

(2) HP Elitedesk 800 G1 Intel i5 4570 3.2Ghz 8GB Ram 256GB SSD…….$199

(3) HP EliteDesk 800 G1 Intel i5-4570S @2.9ghz USFF Desktop 8GB RAM 128GB SSD…..$189

(4) Dell Optiplex 9020 USFF i5-4590s QC 2.90Ghz 8GB Ram 128Gb SSD…….$239



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    VMware and Photoshop are quite resource intensive, they won't run well on any of the pc configurations you have suggested. I run Virtualbox (similar to VMware) and each virtual machine uses up 4GB RAM and is assigned 128gb of disk space.

    • Thanks. What if we increase ram and hdd. Or what minimum spec u suggest?

  • You might be better of getting a workstation for VMware, photoshop. They could be more expensive as well.

    • Thanks. What minimum spec u suggest? If any ebay link if u can provide so i can search similar spec.

  • I probably spend a bit more and get workstation grade PC/server with more than 16GB ram and VT-x capable CPU.

  • You said learning. They all should be fine for learning. The i7 would be best.

    You will want to upgrade to 16GB ram quickly. A new 8GB stick is often under $70, but you need an empty slot and to know what type you need (most likely DDR3).

    You will want a larger 2.5" SSD or 3.5" HDD. You can get 1TB SSD's new for under $140. You will likely need a sata cable too (less than $10).

    Virtualization tech like VTx is enabled in the BIOS. Prebuilts like these are fairly locked down, and may not have all virtualization tech enabled. There are always other software packages to play with, but it may limit features in one or two. Search forums for the specifications of the software you want to run then to see if the hardware you choose will support it.

    • Thanks..:)

  • Buy Dvbargain's old PC from this thread

  • I use my PC for virtualisation, Photoshop, Illustrator. I give each VM a min 4GB of RAM, so you're going to want a lot.
    I got a prebuilt Dell G5 with an i7 (on a deal for around $1900), then added an additional 32GB of RAM (total 48GB). Works well so far. The next upgrade I'm going to need is SSD/HDD. Total cost was around $2100.

    Specwise, look at an i7/i9 CPU, 32GB+ RAM, Lots of HDD/SSD. You can always add RAM and HDD/SSD as long as the mobo supports it so thats an option.

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