[Unobtainable] LG CX 55" OLED55CXPTA Self-Lit OLED Smart 4K TV $2,475 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi

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I've been told this is starting tonight. I've already snagged mine. I believe 20% off the 65" also.

Sorry if I haven't done this post right, just sharing to help those who want to get in.

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    That's a pretty decent deal, but Videopro already has a pretty similar price ($2480)

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      I bought my CX 55 about 2 weeks ago at JB Hi Fi and got them to match VideoPro price of $2470 plus delivery.

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    $2,367.00 + $55 del (free C&C) @ TGG eBay with PLUSFL10

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      Ouch. Got my Dad to buy one from Good Guys in their 15% off sale last night for $2630.75, so this is a bit shitty. Anyone know if Good Guys will refund the difference for a price match?

      • Unlikely because of coupon

    • Good one CC123 - I've been tracking these prices for the longest time and I too took the plunge - weighing up stock availability vs cash discount. They may drop again over the next few months but I needed it now and I'm happy with $2367. I can collect it at my leisure in the morning from the local store 4km away and also get 1% cashrewards (lol). Makes the ebay plus fees worth it for the $230 saved on this deal. Very happy.

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    ah sorry, unnecessary post from me then. Had vouchers for jb so went that way.


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      Actually it is a good post because everyone else is highlighting all the alternatives in one place. Thanks.

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    I see jb has new 2021 c1s pricing marked as coming soon :

    55 $3295
    65 $4495


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      C1 is not much of an upgrade, G1 gets a new brighter panel.

      • Why number back down to 1 now

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          I assume that number refers to the year, ie. C1 is 2021 CX was 2020 because X is 10 in Roman.

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        Hmmm, now to justify that as a PC monitor…

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          Builtin speakers…ummmm…builtin display…….power cord is included….

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      Awful pricing for OLED for another year?

      • Samsung is getting into the OLED game next year I think, using LG panels. Will that increase competition and drop prices? Time will tell.

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          Price drops in USA but not looking good here.

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          TCL is building a fab. Online in 2023. Only way prices will come down is if someone builds a fab and stops relying on LG.

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          Samsung is rumored to be selling OLED tv's next year, but they will be producing their own. Samsung Display will producing the panels and selling them to Samsung Electronics. It will be QD-OLED which promises to be brighter than LG's OLED.


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      Maaan, that pricing is crazy. Its only supposed to be $1800 USD for the 55"C1 which would convert to about $2300 AUD.
      Thats a $1000 mark up for the Au market! Would it not be cheaper to simply pay for shipping from the US?
      $2500USD for the 65" would convert to around $3200 AUD. Is the Australia tax this bad every time or are the retailers just taking us for a ride?

      • I dont think you would get quite that conversion rate, and then you need to add GST. Say 2400aud + gst + shipping. Not trying to say pricing here is good but I don't think those numbers are particularly fair

      • Also covers the cost of supplying a really good warranty system in Australia

  • so this is clearance starting?

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    Only $700 covid tax now!

    • Hopefully prices go back down and not the start of hyperinflation

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    I paid 300 more a few weeks ago! Going to call them up.

    I was wrong I got the 48 inch. They said they have 2 week price protection btw

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      You paid $300 more for 48 inch?

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        blah blah production costs blah blah supply and demand blah blah

        • HDTV test channel explained why the cost of 48 is more

          Basically when they cut this size from the mother-panel there's more wastage iirc

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        I bought the hype on YouTube that it’s the best gaming monitor. Can’t complain about quality so far it’s amazing

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    This proper sucks covid has really messed everyone around with these things. I paid $1836 for my C9 late 2019. I wouldnt have it if it was this price.

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    $2270 for CX55 earlier this month at TGG


  • Is there an estimate for go live?

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    This is the TV that apparently r/4ktv cream their pants about everyday.

    I saw it in person at JB Hi-Fi and I must say LG's OLED are another level above any LED TV.

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      Except Sony who use LG panels although I prefer WebOS over AndroidOS.

      • Which was your favourite WebOS firmware? I heard the new versions are sorta worseish

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    Comes up as $3095 for me. How do you all see the OP's price

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      Yeah not sure why deal hasn’t gone live. Awkward. Harvey normans clearance has gone live.. their price is $2675. Hopefully not too long now.

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    Lots of votes for no deal so far!

    • Still no deal yet!

  • I got CX65 for $3200 from Good guys on 4th of April

    • @Rajkrish85 can you please send me receipt

      • Sure .. email id pls

        • me too please?

    • Yes I managed $3125.50 from jb a few weeks ago, seems they will negotiate a bit.

      • That’s great. How do you negotiate it that far down? No stock in my local area, so may need to buy online

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          I talked about it on a previous post but essentially when JB had it on special I rang bing lee and asked if they could do any better and they dropped it by about $90, I then rang JB and asked them if they would match that price because I had lots of JB gift cards and preferred to buy there.

          They said yes without requiring proof of the bing Lee price and sent me through a link to pay and I noticed in the link that I had an option for a coupon code so I use the 5% coupon that was floating around that weekend. Still not the super deal I was hoping for but Probably about as low as I could’ve got it at the time.

    • Me too please, sorry! Jossmyth at gmail.com

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    Man……when Oled 65" $2k or 75" $3k. Been waiting for 8 years now. Need new tech to rival Oled for prices to drop me thinks.

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    Why is this even allowed? There’s no deal here.

    I’ll take away my neg if this goes live.

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      No deal here just a jbhifi ad

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    Prices just dropped. Live now. Not 20% off though.

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      OP should probably wait for the deal to go live before posting here

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    Unavailable in Melbs

  • Assume you went in store for that price at HN?

  • This is the first time the 48” has been included in a CX sale, great monitor.

  • I also see new entry level oled now on site at $3895 https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/lg-a1-65-self-lit-oled-4k...

  • well since panasonic pulled out quality choices are fewer

  • CX is clearing out quickly at least on the coast here.

    I called around all retailers this morning and got told only 1 or 2 left in the warehouse. Pulled the trigger on the Good Guys as they gave me the best offer I can get in 15 mins - $3,390+ $55 delivery for the last brand new one in their shop. The display got sold in the afternoon as well.

    Then drove around the city and bought 30 something 10% off Ultimate Home Giftcards from Woolies. Combined with CBAs $50 off $250 at TGG.

    So in short paid a total of less than $3080 for a brand new CX 65!. Thanks for the post truly otherwise might miss out again.

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