I'm taking on Woolworths

Recently I purchased two transactions At BWS via shopback as they were having a big cash back promotion

What I did not realise is when you pay with the Woolworths gift card you are unable to claim cashback.

My argument has two sides.

  1. you can only view the terms and conditions of shop back , at least when you are using the app on your phone if you click the red cashback info at the bottom ..

  2. No reasonable consumer would expect that a store gift card would cause trouble

  3. When selling the physical or non physical gift card Woolworths group has stated the card is valid as cash at BWS how but through this policy that shop back has said has been employed by BWS I am being significantly disadvantaged and it goes against with terms and conditions of the gift card

Long story short Woolworths has given me a $30 gift card , shop back has given me a $10 gift card

I have a meeting with the ACCC on Tuesday and I am going to fight this - ok I admit i dont ACTUALLY have a meeting with them in person, The person I need to speak with should be available on Tuesday

I am still out by $15 and my time and quite frankly I wouldn't care if I was out by 50 cent the principle is wrong and I believe it is illegal

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  • Very cool

    • Chur Brother

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        Okay, here's the nuance:
        - shopback is used as marketing, it is to grow market share at the expense of profit margin.
        - what this means is that they want NEW customers.
        - think of the sweet Telstra deals available only to new members. Not applicable to old members, unless, old members sneak around the system (1-day prepaid signups, new Phone #, etc etc)
        - having possessed a gift card means they already have your money, so you aren't a new customer.
        - on top of that they don't do refunds or cashout on gift cards. So a gift card isn't the same as cash. There's other limitations too.
        - lastly, they may have sold the gift card to a vendor at a discount. This means you MIGHT have gotten a discount. And their T&C forbid "stacking" vouchers and discounts.

        I'm not on Colesworths side. I don't think you're going to win. I do think you are in the right. I think the only way around this is for them to treat Giftcards different to Cash. For instance, gift cards are priced permanently -5% off, but can't use discounts if you pay by cards. That crudely evens the field on the whole.

        • Just a side note, a gift card is not treated as revenue or potential profit until it has been used. For accounting purposes.

        • OP, despite what you may have 'read into' some terms and conditions you have perused, I agree with Kanga's point above that:

          '… a gift card isn't the same as cash.'

          I believe that this misunderstanding is at the heart of your problem. For example, for about a decade the 'more dedicated' (or perhaps, 'more petty/fixated/etc.') of us OzBers have been getting Woolies (etc.) gift cards for 5% less than their actual monetary value. If those giftcards were treated exactly the same as cash, they could be exchanged (via a nominal purchase and a 'change-of-mind' if required) for the full 5% greater amount of cash, infinitum. This would result in a farcical situation whereby 'shrewd punters' where constantly buying giftcards for 95% of their face value, then redeeming them for cash amounting to 100% of their face value.

      • u have my support for principle - keep me posted

      • I'm taking on your daddy

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    Cool story. Please keep us all posted on the outcome of your ACCC meeting.

  • I got caught out once on a BWS big cashback from Cashrewards when I auto pilot paid with GC. The terms and condition was clear. I was at fault for not reading.

    You got $40. Your case sounds entitled to me.

  • It's gift card, not gift cash. Or is it called gift cash now?

    • always a gift card but their website implies it's like cash

      • Can you get cashback on gift cards? If so then you'd be double dipping on the cashback when you buy the gift cards. And if you got the gift cards another way, then bully to you.

      • "is like" cash or "treat like" cash as in dont lose the card it wont be replaced.

      • No it doesnt. You dont get a refund in cash nor is it transferable. Stop wasting the ACCCs time with this BS just because you cant read T&Cs.

  • I think you are taking on the wrong company. Shopback is the one making the terms and conditions for the cashback. They are the ones you should be taking on.
    Woollies cannot possibly provide for all conditions and situations Shopback and Cashrewards can come up with in their own T&Cs.

    • Incorrect , I have it in writing that Woolworths have created this rule and they will not give any cash back to shop back . It is not a term or condition implied by shopback .
      Woolworths is not allowing consumers to use their own store credit as store credit

      • Woolworths is not allowing consumers to use their own store credit as store credit

        Did you actually receive the product you paid for?

      • It is not a term or condition implied by shopback .


        Gift card purchases unless otherwise stated. Purchases paid with gift cards / Woolworths Dollars are not eligible for cashback

        It is not just in the app.

      • Your contract re cashback is with Shopback, not Woolworth. So you cannot sue Woollies undee contract law. Shopback can (but won't) but you cannot. It is called privity of contracts and taught in the first few weeks of contract law.
        Leaves tort law. First you must establish a duty of care which in this case is pretty hard, especially since you got your item.
        Consumer law would also be difficult to apply as essentially you are under Shopback's terms and conditions as they are the one you have a contract with re the cash back, not the item (there your contract is with Woolies).
        I am all up for sticking it to the big corps but this is one the rare cases where you are wrong and Woollies has not done anything bad at all and is not at fault.

        Source: professional experience and ten years of legal training

        • The first few classes of contract law deal specifically with not smiling and rubbing hands together when a new client says “it’s not the amount, but the principle”.

  • Assume you found this deal via ozbargain?

    Gift card purchases unless otherwise stated.
    Purchases paid with gift cards / Woolworth Dollars are not eligible for cashback

    Your fault for not reading the T&Cs

  • Long story short Woolworths has given me a $30 gift card

    Woolies most likely gave you this as goodwill to try get you off their back - not because they've done anything wrong.

      • Woolies has no agreement to give you back anything. That's between you and Shopback. So don't mistaken Woolies' gesture as weakness.

        • I believe you are missing the point… I have Woolworths credit and Woolworths is denying me the full benefits of using it

          • @pwildnz:

            I have Woolworths credit

            Credit or Giftcard?

            Woolworths is denying me the full benefits of using it

            Exactly what "benefits" are Woolies denying you?

          • @pwildnz: Woolworths not giving commission to cash back website if transaction was paid with a gift card, and subsequently not passing on the commission back to you, is very different from you not getting "full benefits" out of a gift card.

    • I was thinking the same thing. It's a mercy 'you're wrong, but I don't have the time for this. Please just (profanity) off.'

      Dude sounds like an entitled 14 year old

  • Yeah you are not entitled to anything, be grateful for what you have been given so far.

    • I didn't read the whole thread and replies before I commented. Looks like the OP is very entitled. Like first-world problems ruining her day. She wouldn't last a day in the third-world.

  • What I did not realise is when you pay with the Woolworths gift card you are unable to claim cashback

    So if you did realise it, it would no longer be illegal ? You may technically be in the right as you were not aware, however for $15 you might want to let it go.

  • lol
    You didn't read the fine print which is not hard to access in any way, shape or form and you're crying over $15?

    No illegal practice has taken place here. Shopback clearly state "Certain partner stores on ShopBack may have prohibitions on certain payment methods available. Please read through the terms and conditions of the store before making a purchase to be sure."
    You did not do your due diligence prior to purchasing. This is on you OP, be grateful for getting $40 back.

    You should now be doing said due diligence in understanding the costs involved to yourself in taking this further as they have done nothing wrong.

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    ACCC doesn't have meetings with the public, you are making a walk-in complaint.

  • Just commenting to be part of (ozbargain) history 😂

    Man what's in the water lately?! Essay guy who couldn't get laid, mark's markdowns who seemed to think he was a God, and now someone who doesn't read terms and conditions getting all "the castle" on us

    I mean, it's entertaining, but holy hell

  • They say gift card are treated like cash, but the fact is they are not. Restriction such as can't use gift cards to buy third party gift cards pisses me off!

  • I recommend to read T&Cs on every product and service you want to pay/paid for.

    You won't make this mistake again.

  • Just ask for a refund into the gift cards and move on?

  • Stop wasting yours, theirs, and more importantly, ACCCs time. What a joke.

  • Classic time waster

    Why did you bother wasting your time to write this post

    Obviously because you don't value other people's time and effort as is evident by your post.

    Go away and cry little boy/girl and leave us alone

  • Isn't the problem with Shopback and not Woolworths?