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Bose Frames Tempo/Tenor/Soprano + Bonus Lens $349 Delivered @ Premium Sound


Hi all,

We have a promotion where you get a free set of Lens with the Bose frames. Normal promotional price is $399 plus Lens but we have dropped price to $349.

Simply select your style Tempo, Tenor or Soprano. Then select the free Lens, add to cart and we also offer free shipping.

Stock is replenished every 2-3 days so no worries if the item says low stock.

Frames are a great way to listen to music as well as surrounds. Allows you to manage phone calls, talk to other people and be aware of your surroundings. With the bonus Lens they add a stylish look to these.

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  • Can I get prescription lenses on these? Do you accept health insurance?


      We don’t, but you can get prescription lenses for these from optometrist. To keep warranty you need to keep the old lenses, just in a box or somewhere safe..

      I recommend getting 2 sets, or making sure you have personal contents insurance as when you invest with prescription lenses you want them to last many years.

  • And we thought Dr. Amar Bose only made the world best speakers :)


      Not sure Dr Bose is happy with the current offerings. The range is quite small overall and the Wave is now gone! :(