[QLD] One Way SUV Rental Brisbane to Cairns $9/Day (Minimum 3 Days) @ Apex Rentals


Apex Car Rentals - Mitsubishi Outlander or similar $9 per day for a one way rental from Brisbane to Cairns

Minimum 3 day hire
Maximum 10 day hire

No charge for an extra driver to be listed

Basic Excess $2,750
Limited Excess Reduction $500 - extra cost of $19.00 per day of hire
Maximum Excess Reduction $0 - extra cost of $23.75 per day of hire

I have used this company in Cairns before and been satisfied. Booked an SUV (Mitsubishi Outlander or similar) and got a reasonably new Hyundai Tucson, which I suppose was fair enough. Their airport offices are off-site but they offer a shuttle service to/from the respective airports. I imagine this is a limited offer, and given the price of flights to Cairns and the cost of hiring a car there vs. the price of flights to Brisbane with the opportunity of getting a car for $9 a day and being able to visit a few places along the way that I've not been to before, I have taken this offer up and can confirm the pricing is correct.

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  • Brisbane to Cairns ~ 20h. Can be done in a day.

    Let the race begin!

    ps: Minimum 3 day hire, so race starts in 2 days?

    • Haha this is true, I've done Melbourne to Gold Coast/Brisbane in a day a couple of times. If well timed, it's actually not too horrible an experience. Once I left the Gold Coast at about 3am and was in Melbourne by 9:30pm. Also drove Melbourne to Port Douglas in 2 and a half days but I did have a co-driver and we did stop to sleep on one of the nights.
      Anyway this time I'll be taking it a bit easier so I won't be winning this race!

    • Cannonball run to Broome

  • While I have seen cheaper relocation deals, the extra cost here allows for more days. So you could probably relocate a vehicle for $1 a day, but only have 3-4 days to do it. Better to book the 10 days upfront and then push through or slow down when you need it.

    • That was the attraction of this particular deal. Unlimited kilometres too so I wouldn't have to stuff around disconnecting cables and resetting with OBD2 scanners if I wanted to do some extra sightseeing along the way :P

      • I wouldn't have to stuff around disconnecting cables and resetting with OBD2 scanners

        That sounds legally… sketchy…
        Are you also a used car salesperson?

    • Not sure I follow you jv…. Every rental car company I've ever dealt with has offered excess reduction options and I never take them up because they're overpriced (not a scam, just very overpriced), plus my Platinum and above credit cards offer Rental Car Excess Insurance that brings my liability down to about $500 anyway.

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        Every rental car company I've ever dealt with has offered excess reduction options

        It's extortion…

        You're best to take out a good travel insurance policy to cover any excess.

        • Yes, exactly. And like I mentioned, many credit cards have this included with their travel insurance benefits.
          Though some people might still be happy to pay an extra $237.50 to reduce their excess to zero on a 10 day hire - I certainly don't belong to this category, but I can understand that others might.
          Anyway, it would cost me at least $850 to hire a car in Cairns for 10 days at the moment, for the dates on which I'm planning on going! Now THAT is extortionate!!!

          • @Ranonymous: Any recommendations for travel insurance? (i.e., how are you doing it, Ranonymous? cheers!)

            • @clandestino: I'll just be relying on the travel insurance that's included with my credit card. It's a "black" credit card, so one level above platinum, but many platinum credit cards also have travel insurance. It provides me with up to $5000 cover for rental car excess, with a $350 excess applicable to any claim I make under the credit card-based travel insurance.
              Perhaps it's unjustified, but whenever a car rental company offers me excess reduction insurance at point-of-pickup, I just politely decline and don't tell them I am relying on my credit card travel insurance. I get the feeling they might see me as an easy target then for the purposes of pinning someone else's damage on me. I always make sure I check the vehicle condition report against the car (including looking at the wheels and underneath the vehicle - especially for scrapes on the bottom of the front bumper), and insist on noting down all damage unless "fair wear and tear" is clearly defined on the contract AND/OR the condition report and the minor damage falls within that definition. NEVER just rely on their word that they'll note it down later, or that "it'll be fine".

          • @Ranonymous: I've always found hiring a car in Cairns to cost almost twice as much as hiring from the Gold Coast.

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      Uh, they also normally charge $100+ per day for renting the car, which makes it over $36,000/year, more expensive than buying the car outright. What is your point?

      • What is your point?

        My point is you a paying for insurance, not buying an insurance company.

        You are comparing renting vs buying.

        • +3 votes

          Your analogy doesn't make any sense. It would have made sense if I was comparing it to buying Mitsubishi, the company.

          If you are not satisfied just compare it to a yearly car lease, like you did with the insurance example. Daily rental would still be more expensive. Of course paying for a whole year for the insurance would be cheaper than getting it only for a few days. The paperwork is almost the same.

          • @bio:

            Your analogy doesn't make any sense.

            Yours makes less sense.

            There is a big difference between buying and renting.

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              @jv: You should read the whole comment when someone replies to you. I responded you with a comprehensive answer for I respected your opinion and I would have expected the same level of respect:

              If you are not satisfied just compare it to a yearly car lease […]

              Also note that it is even more expensive than buying the car, let alone renting. Think about it.

      • We’re talking about insurance, which the rental companies totally extort you for. They know you are scared of damaging the vehicle and being up for huge costs, so of course most people pay the exorbitant insurance cost.

        • My point is everything is overpriced with rental companies, not only insurance. Try adding a child booster seat with your rental, or a GPS.

  • Can you go further and then return back to cairns?

  • Hi, is there anyone tried drive from Brisbane to Melbourne in a rental. I got my car here in Brisbane but so lazy to drive it back from Melbourne to Brisbane, what is the cost of it. If it's more than $400, I just book a flight lol