Poll: Best 7-Seater Cars for Big Families under $50,000 in 2021

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What is the best 7-Seater Car / SUV under $50K for the year 2021?

Seven seater cars are a great choice for parents who are looking to buy a single car to move the entire family. 7 seater cars typically have an extra row of seats at the rear, allowing you to accommodate extra passengers or cargo.

These can come in two different categories: an SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) or an MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle)

  • SUV's tend to be sportier and feature a sleeker, modern chassis.

  • MPV's don't look as sporty with their boxy and utilitarian design, but they do deliver where it counts for parents - a roomy interior for both kids and shopping cargo.

Some considerations when choosing a 7-seater

  • Vehicle safety (ANCAP ratings). The ANCAP rating is a five star system (five stars being the safest, one star being the least safe).
  • Fuel economy
  • Two wheel drive or all-wheel drive. All wheel drive vehicles are more expensive, but will provide a better driving experience.
  • On-board entertainment options for keeping the kids entertained and smartphone connectivity, such as Bluetooth, Android Auto, plus Mp3 player compatibility, rear view digital displays and SatNav.
  • Ongoing Maintenance costs

We asked the same question in 2017 and most of you voted the Kia Carnival. Let's see how it plays out this time.

So what's your favourite 7-Seater for the year 2021? Make your suggestions below, and be sure to justify why it's the best account for you.

  • Don't see a car that you like in the poll options? Make a (sensible) suggestion and we'll add it to the list.
  • You are allowed to change your vote.

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  • Suggested Mazda CX-9

    Test drove a CX-9 a few weeks back (coming from a 2014 Outlander) and was very impressed with size, space and how it drove. Seems like Mazda dealers are doing better deals (close to 10% off RRP) than Kia/Hyundai too.
    CX-9 has 3rd row curtain airbags too.

  • +1
    Suggested Kia Carnival S

    RRP including onroads say $50850.00 for me, i'm sure you could haggle $1K off.

    • Which vehicle you talking about?

      • Suggested
        Kia Carnival S

    • +2

      Standout if you actually NEED 7 seats.
      All the SUV's are very much part/short time 7 seaters.

      Do Honda no longer do the Odyssey?

      • even better if you need 8

      • This for sure.
        Coming from a CX9, great car but would not want anyone bigger than small children in the 3rd row permanently.
        Also difficult to get in the 3rd row if you have a pair of child seats in the second row…

  • Prius V

  • +1

    Kluger nudges just over $50k depending on which state you're in. Probably a tough car to suggest considering no one has driven the new one (comes out in June)

  • Kia Carnival

  • All wheel drive vehicles are more expensive but will provide a better driving experience.

    Is this true? I really can't tell the difference between 2WD vs AWD - granted 99% of the time I drive in the paved metro area.

    • -1

      Maybe not, but many models now pair AWD with a diesel motor and 2WD with a petrol, and the diesel offers advantages especially for a decently loaded 7 seater.

  • there is a new model Hyundai lineup called the Staria

    entry level may be close to 50K but we wont know till its released

    • My guess starting price would be closer to 60k before on road costs

    • I've noticed lately that with Hyundai's design, they moved the headlights lower which looks a bit weird.

  • +2
    Suggested Toyota Fortuner

    Toyota Fortuner is just under the budget and will depreciate better than any of the others.

    • Which state has it under $50k inc orc?

      Plus diesels aren't for everyone, especially soccer mum cars doing short trips. Kluger will be more comfortable and quieter, while being ok with 5min runs to school/shops

      • I got my demo GX for <40K including on roads but that was in 2019. Fortuner is great for those families who want to do a bit of off road, tow a trailer beach fishing etc. If you dont want to go off road there are probably options more comfortable for small kids to get in and out of. We have 3 kids and husband and I are tall. Its good for us.

        • +1

          I got my demo GX for <40K including on roads but that was in 2019.

          That's nice 😂 a lot has changed in 2 years, namely the entire vehicle…

          • -1

            @spackbace: Yeah, it is nice. I love my car and happy with what I paid for it. 💁‍♀️ Given the 2021 asking price is around 50K a demo could come in under that with on roads so it was worth mentioning to the OP.
            Theres lots of improvements in the new one, which is great. Bit of a stretch to call it an entirely different car.

            • +1

              @Allwentmarching: It's an entirely new model on a new chassis…

              • @spackbace: https://www.caradvice.com.au/877403/2021-toyota-fortuner-pri...

                Was going off this and a few other articles I didnt see that it has a new chassis. Have you driven one?
                I actually think they should have included some of those features in the earlier models and they probably would have had a lot better sales. I still like mine regardless and plan on keeping it for many years.

                • @Allwentmarching: I thought I was talking about Kluger there when I replied about different chassis, my bad

                  Though there's still zero chance of getting one sub $40k, not even a demo

                  • @spackbace: Yeah probably not now! I agree the Kluger is a good car for families and would be more practical if you dont plan to tow or go off road.

  • +2

    AKA: Kia Carnival upvote thread..

    Or how about a poll that isnt virtually the same every year? Like, how about medium sized hatchback up to $40k or Best investment sports car $50 to $100k? Best SUV under $50k for small/new family? Best large sedan for lots of work travel under $60k…

    2017 Best 7-Seater Cars for Big Families under $50,000
    2018 Best 7-Seater Cars for Big Families under $50,000
    2019 Best 7-Seater Car / SUV's Under $50,000
    2020 ?? There was no poll?? (If there was one, I'm betting it was… best 7 seater under $50k…)
    2021 Best 7-Seater Cars for Big Families under $50,000

    Way to mix it up and keep it relevant…

  • +1
    Suggested Honda Odyssey

    Honda Odyssey

    You'll get one for $44k drive away

    • agree.

  • +1

    kluger hybrid!

  • Suggested Peugeot 5008

    Peugeot 5008. GT spec demonstrators can be found for $50k although COVID pricing has made things different. For the updated 2021 model, the base model Allure was scrapped in Australia, although demonstrators can still be had for around $40k. French car depreciation means 2-3 year old low km examples can be found for much less.

    • Great ride quality and comfort.
    • Removable third row seats suitable for children, which expands the boot space to 1060 litres, otherwise it's 952 litres with the third row down.
    • Unique SUV styling but space on par with MPVs. With the third seats removed and second row down, it has best in class boot space at 2150 litres. Beats the Skoda & Kia. That is in spite of the car not being too long, at 4.64 metres.
    • Efficient refined engine (particularly the diesel/8 speed auto) and the best cabin design in the class (Peugeot iCockpit).
    • Good range of tech and safety features (5 star ANCAP), and a lot of inclusions for the price (full AEB, rear sunshades & tray tables, driver attention monitor, heated seats, panoramic sunroof, 360 camera, parking assist, electric folding mirrors, ambient lighting, large driver and dashboard displays). Curtain airbags in the third row - this is so important and overlooked! Has a "Grip Control" selector which is effective at freeing the 2WD car from basic situations with mud and snow.
    • 5 year/unlimited km warranty. The drivetrains offered haven't had any issues. Capped price servicing at dealerships is about on par for large European SUVs, just under $500 one year, around $800 the next for the petrol, and the diesel is marginally cheaper. A few specialist mechanics can be found in each city which would provide servicing cheaper and likely have a higher level of knowledge.
    • Forgot to mention, under floor storage in the second row. Very useful for hiding things or storing umbrellas.

  • Kia Sorento - now officially car (ahem, truck) of the year 2021.

  • Because these threads are run by Mods and on yearly basis, may I suggest to put the direct link to vehicle from official site as well against each poll option. This would give direct access to vehicle details as well and would look like complete. Just my 2c though.

  • Suggested 2020 Mahindra XUV500 W6

    I do understand this is about the best vehicle. More honestly I do think the 2020 Haval H9 LUX 7-seater -$40,990 is a good value budget buy, with 7 year warranty.

  • Suggested Mazda CX-8

    second had car market is really inflated atm.
    Seemed better to purchase a new car with 7 seats.
    On the advice of a few mechanics I know I stuck with Toyota or Mazda. Toyota Kluger was out of my budget.
    Really happy with the CX-8 we got in all departments.
    no complaints at all thus far.
    great economy,power,leg and cargo space.
    cheaper and easier to park than the beastly CX-9.
    (NB, I only use the 3rd row on rare occasion, not all the time, would consider a van/people mover if constantly in use)

  • Suggested LDV D90

    The LDV D90 is a tempting option, top of the range model is $49k and 2WD petrol models starting at $36k.

    It's a large SUV and the back row is a decent size.
    Power (in the diesel) is good at 158kW/490Nm
    Tech is great, although some options seem to have been dropped from previous years.

    The downside is that it's a 3T monster, although fuel consumption isn't too bad, although also brings a 3.1T towing capacity (again in the diesel).
    It's also a somewhat untested brand in Australia from a Chinese company (although they are very big in their own market). How relations between the countries might affect that are also a question.

    That price though, is the really attractive part. Compare that to a CX-8/CX-9 and even assuming a significantly lower resale value, you're starting from a much lower purchase price. There are mixed reports of issues with LDV, but then there are also plenty of happy owners.

    5 Start ANCAP Rating too: https://www.ancap.com.au/safety-ratings/ldv/d90/015f74

    Of course, my current shortlist also includes the CX-8 (as I prefer the Diesel) or maybe the CX-9 for the slightly larger size.
    It's also worth noting that the fuel savings on the CX-8 diesel over the LDV Diesel is about 3L / 100km or nearly $5k over 100,000k!

  • It's a shame the Hyundai Palisade is $5k short (might be able to negotiate down to 50?)

    The 7 seat layout has 2 captain chairs in the middle row meaning you can walk through the middle aisle to the backseat without moving them. This is ideal if you have 2 baby/booster seats in the middle row. Ample room as well in the third row for long distance trips

  • +2

    I'm currently driving the Toyota Estima 2014 2.4L Petrol Hybrid. Bought it from another owner in Australia for $27k. It is excellent on fuel averaging over 1100km per tank of fuel. Mainly use for school pick up and drop off during weekdays (24km/day). The only time it's on the highway is on the weekend traveling back and forth to various shopping malls (60km round trip). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_Previa#/media/File:ESTI...

    Toyota Estima has its own Facebook owners group in Australia if anyone interested to find out more information about this car > https://www.facebook.com/groups/toyotaestimaaustralia

  • +2

    Toyota Estima 7-seater or 8-seater V6 petrol. Otherwise called the Toyota Previa in LHD markets. The Toyota Estima is the high spec version of the Toyota Tarago released in Australia and some might say Kia copied this model from Toyota to create their Carnival MPV.

  • +2

    Toyota Alphard/Vellfire 3.5L V6 or 2.5L Hybrid (AKA Lexus LM300h or LM350)
    This Toyota MPV is quite popular throughout SE Asian countries and it can be spotted around Asian suburbs such as Chatswood, Burwood, Hurstville, and Cabramatta.

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