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40% off Eligible Items @ Puma


Some good prices when stacked with eligible sale items, look for items marked "FFELIGIBLE"

zip hoodie $16.80 , hoodie $25.20

LQDCELL HYDRA FM CAMO MEN'S TRAINING SHOES $47.40 (Was $160) .. have these in a different colour, for the price highly recommend

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    Offer runs from 22nd April - 28th April 2021. PUMA reserves the right to amend the promotion. Offer valid for 40% off the lowest marked price with use of a promo code. Without the use of the code at checkout, the discount will not be applied. For instore redemption, show email or social media post in store at checkout. Offer not valid in Melbourne Central store.

    • Does anyone have the email or social media post they could share?

      edit: It works with click and collect as well, managed to get the sold out Puma Ultra 1.1 that way.

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    Promo codes used to get 40% off on already discounted products as well
    —> code: PUMA-20247(or) PUMA40.
    No space in b/w

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    Can't proceed to checkout.!!!

    • +1

      Took an hour but finally went through.. Don't think the saving added up to my hourly rate…
      Now waiting for the out of stock refund…

      • +2

        Damn you get more than $16 per hour!!!

    • @MadKaw
      How do you get to checkout?? Just keep trying?

      Edit; switched browser (Chrome -> Safari) and it worked. Maybe a coincidence

      • Kept trying and it went no where so used another PC. It's happened before and they told me to clear the cache.. Pretty difficult with a cart full of goodies and stuff running out.. :-)

    • keep at checking out page

  • is it me or is site super Ozbargained?

    • Ya its almost dead

  • +9

    Wearing puma is like doing a free advertisement for them.

    • +7

      yeah, gotta choose small labels for less embarrassment

    • -3

      Found the social media influencer

      • Username checks out

    • -1

      Just dye the label the same colour as clothing. I love cheap pumas.

    • +8

      … Isn't that the case with all branded products us commoners wear/purchase?

    • +3

      I get laughed at by my family. All my clothes and shoes are essentially Pumas. I constantly get asked if I work for them 😂

    • it was like that in 90's early 2000's. Brand isn't doing so good compared to Adidas and Nike, so they have to try things like this…

  • website dying

  • Website getting hammered

  • Gave up, checked out not even sure it went through

    • Same here, put in payment details and then…nothing.

      • I tried again and order went through
        Haha now the wait begins ðŸĪŠ

  • site getting ozbargained

  • cant add to cart broken site

  • i paid 30 min back, got invoice. just now received refund for an item

  • Maybe a combined Cashback promo from the Big guys?

  • Site is excruciatingly slow. Gave up in the end.

  • +2

    nothing gets added to the cart, pages don't load up, shows certain sizes are available then disappears within seconds… fk this, I deserve better! haha

  • Not bad

  • +3
    • No UGG boots

  • +1

    Cheers, bought 150 dollars worth.

    • Same here. Even bought a jacket for the boss that he liked! So, I was able to be patient with the site and managed to get through the checkout. Hopefully do not receive too many refunds.

      • Yea, site was a pain but was worth it. I couldn't resist the blue football training jacket, great value.

  • +1

    Thanks RogueWolf, got a bunch of shirts for the kids

  • Clearly there's not many OzBargain footballers. One of the current top of the line models of boots known for being practically the lightest you can get for $100 with practically every size available.

    • +1

      Which ones are you talking about?

      • Puma Ultra 1.1

        They are pretty much all the rage atm. Practically the first time Puma has rivalled the Nike Mercurials.

        • Those currently aren't being offered under the discount. Can you give me a link?

    • +2

      There are Puma basketball shoes that are supposedly one of the best performers available at the moment.

      I bought them two weeks ago for $110 and now they're $68. Pretty sad but maybe I'll feel better if I get a second pair?

    • I'm a football fan, can I wear football boots when not playing football

  • Carlton-544 also works

  • +1

    Top deal RogueWolf.
    Grabbed 4 pairs of shoes.

  • Do the clothes run real size, smaller or larger?

  • i suspect code JUST expired… nevermind - i had an item in there that wasn't "FFELIGIBLE"

  • Nice, thanks OP

  • I managed to get some cool sneakers into my cart on my phone, but had to swap to desktop mode to check out. That's probably gonna mess up my cashback. ðŸĪ”

    • Code not valid for cashback?

      • Oh, I'm not sure. ðŸĪ” It did track, but it probably won't get approved.

        • +2

          Worth trying anyway. I can see my purchase pending now so might be good

  • +2

    Thanks OP - got me some PUMA x KUZMA Clyde All-Pro's for around $90, what a bargain.

  • +3

    Thanks OP, got a padded jacket I've had my eye on for a few months. Original price $150, reduced to $105, add the coupon for 40% off, got it for $71 delivered. Less than half price of the original price. (Oz) Bargain.

  • +2

    thanks op got a hoodie, two jumpers delivered for $57 after cash back

  • Apparently they are out of stock for NSW Blues Mens XL Jersey lol

  • +1

    Still works. Just bought 5 items for $100. Zip pay checkout worked. Afterpay didn't worked for me.

  • bought hoodies and pants, 9 itesm for $180ish. good prices

  • Has anyone tried this instore yet, if so how did you do it?

  • got a pair of drift cats for $38

  • anyone get an update to their order ?

    • mine's still processing. i reckon they've been swamped with orders

    • My delivery scheduled tomorrow

  • +1

    Puma have been ozbargained. There's now a banner at the top of the page that says they are experiencing high volumes of orders with delays of up to 7 days in dispatching orders.

    • I ordered 7 days ago, still no dispatch notification

  • +2

    received my order, thanks op

  • My order arrived and my shoes fit ðŸĪ˜

  • just received my order, great quality for the price.

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