Recommendations for an E-Scooter Please? Location: ACT, Profile: Big Fella

Looking to use the light rail for commute. The distance between home to station is 20 minutes and station to work another 20 minutes. So, to avoid 80 minutes of walking, looking to get an e-scooter. Its legal on bike paths and footpaths in ACT. For a big fella, 187 cms (6'2") and 130 kilos - which e-scooter would you recommend please?


  • E bike (Pedal assist) will do?

  • Recommendations for an E-Scooter Please? Location: ACT

    Have you walked around Canberra city lately?..

  • All the electric scooters I have seen are max 100kg. Look into getting a bicycle. Are there showers at your work? And is the direction uphill towards work? If not then you shouldn't break a sweat, even if not fit, especially in the cool mornings (maybe go to work earlier in summer to beat the heat). 20 mins walking should only be 10 mins at a gentle cruising speed on a bike.

    • What do you reckon about electric bikes?
      No showers at work. There is some uphill involved.

      • They're pretty expensive. Have no experience with them

      • I'd say you need to buy something you can carry to your office. It is very unsafe to park your e-scooter at civic - even in a secure car park. I have heard so many cases where someone parks their bike and just gone. My bike was also stolen in civic. In this case, I wouldn't suggest buying an electric bike as you need to park somewhere.

        Yes, most of the e-scooters are 100kg max but I think they are just for safe driving. I believe they can hold heavier person. I have seen there were three-person using a rental scooter together and they drove very well.

        Segway Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30 looks great to me.

  • Have you tried any of the rental scooters in ACT? I think they’re all 100kg rated but as it’s a hire it’s probably a good way to test out if you could use one without it breaking/going too slow

    • Good idea. I have avoided them so far as resi/work is out of coverage area (not allowed area - whatever its called) - but I should try them to test it out. Do we know what brand scooters beam/neuron use?

  • I am your size, weigh 20kilos less and…you will be needing a dual-motor and even then it will struggle to pull our asses. Anything small will be way out of its efficiency zone and chew through the already meagre battery.

    Get an eBike, that Dillinger kit looks pretty good I had one them as my first foray into eBikes.

    Official Xiaomi store in Australia.
    Now on sale at $599 down from $799.
    I've read the technical description and it looked impressive.
    Sorry, I didn't know how to put the link (newbie).