Iodine Drops Supplement in Melbourne?

Are there any shops/ chemists in Melbourne where I can buy iodine drops supplement?
I need a shop -not online please!

I Gogled already – did not find anything ..


  • Tried Google Maps and it gave the following

    Evelyn Faye Nutrition located at,144.9610295,17z/data=!3m1!4b1

    And on Evelyn Faye website, they list the following product

    You can try in Google Maps for other possibilities under "Vitamins and Supplements"

    Good luck.

  • just eat some fish mate

    • They want iodine, not mercury.

      Fish get their iodine from seaweed. OP could do the same if they don't want drops and want a food source. Plenty of options from kelp to nori snacks. Higher iodine concentrations than fish without the poisons and killing sentient beings.

  • If it's a medical need, then ask your GP. If it's self-medicated, don't overdose. It can lead to thyroid related issues. Adding iodised salt to your food should suffice.

  • i have bought successfully from priceline at highpoint in melb - spray at least

  • You planning on handling some uranium soon?

  • OP, why do you want/need this? Refer to the post by 'ggop' above, which is essentially on the money. Iodine supplementation is generally not something that is required by anyone who adds a bit of iodised salt to their food now and then. If you do not ever add iodised salt to your food (or cook with it; perhaps you consciously steer clear of all dietary salt, for example), you could just buy one of the many different brands of orally taken capsules available in most chemists that include iodine. Do ask the chemist (or better, your GP) for their advice first though.

  • At a pinch you could for instance buy iodised salt, using a column run acetone through it iteratively and you would end up with an iodine powder when the acetone evaporates. Then oxidise it with sulfuric acid to remove the pure iodine and mix that into distilled water to make the drops.