Nvidia Anti-Mining Cards, Will They Affect Prices?

Curious at what everyone thinks. According to a questionable source, Nvidia are working on a card that will allow gaming but wont work for Ethereum mining. Given the number of digital currencies out there, will there be any affect to future prices (assuming the claims are true). What do you think? And is it worth waiting for?

Source - https://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-reportedly-revamps-...

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    Prices will decrease
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    Prices will stay the same
  • 3
    Prices will increase


  • It will just force the old ampere card prices even further higher.

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    Or someone will figure how to Hack around the limitation and nothing will change

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      or Nvidia will release more beta drivers..

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        By "accident" allegedly!

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    no, theres more scalpers than GPU miners…

  • Prices will increase because of scalpers and Nvidia fooling people that these cards are for gaming only. Why would any company want less money?

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    The only thing that will bring card prices down is it not being profitable to mine anymore. It's not like they're going to only make cards that can't be mined on, just some of them.

    Considering that the 6700xt isn't a good mining card yet is still near impossible to get at a decent price (the $899 ones sell out almost immediately, retail price is more around $620), the demand from gamers isn't being met. At best we might see cards actually available from retailers at the prices they currently list them for, rather than being constantly out of stock.

  • The last anti-miner technology released by Nvidia was the 3060ti… Didn't it last a couple of weeks before it was defeated?

  • What nVidia does has little to no impact on the global semiconductor market.

    How many chips TSMC and the Chinese fabs bring to the market actually drives supply for gfx cards. You’re asking the wrong question about the wrong company.

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