Thoughts on Photo Editing on iPads

G’day all,
Looking for some ideas / tips on photo editing entirely using iPad and iPad apps.
Would like to know some decent apps and workflows from folks that are currently doing it.

Not very interested in cloud storage as I have plenty of space in my nas for backups and catalogues to be stored. I use iCloud for final exports and might look into synology moments as well in future. Subscription softwares aren’t really my jam, but if it is really good i can give it a try :-).
Using an ipad air 4 with pencil.

My situation:
Have been doing this on desktops with photos app and capture one pro but i’ve been busy and all of a sudden there are few years of photos backlog to process 😭 and don’t think I have time to sit down at computer to do it. So thinking of using the iPad air i have on the go editing.
I’m not a professional photographer by any means and for most of the photos it’s the basic crop / correction / enhancing I do.



  • for most of the photos it’s the basic crop / correction / enhancing I do.

    The built in photo editor can do that. Are you looking for something else?

    • For this task alone it’s fine. For file management on the device it’s a nightmare. On mac I usually create a photos library for each event event for ease of management. On photos app in ipad / iPhone it’s all in one single place.

      • I’m not sure what you’re saying about it all being in one single place? The photos app has folders, sub-folders, and albums to keep events etc. organized. On the Photos tab everything is organized by date and on the Albums tab it’s organized by folders/albums.

  • I use a combination of the included photo editor, Adobe mobile stuff (I have a subscription), and Affinity software when using iPad.

    My use case is only for times that I’m away from home though, and my photo organisation sucks. Mostly I have heaps of photos organised into folders by time…not in the cloud or anything, just files saved on network drives at home.

    So, I guess my experience isn’t useful for you! Gonna be interesting to see what that new M1 equipped iPad Pro will do though, and if over the coming couple of years M1 trickles down into lower iPads.

  • The simplest solution is to pay for Lightroom 1TB plan. That way you can sync to PC and make more adjustments plus have robust photo cataloguing/searching etc. Plus iPadOS still doesn't have full RAW support for many cameras and the list hasn't been updated since this time last year - the E-M5iii and X-T4 still aren't supported, for instance

    • Does the 1TB plan include desktop support as well or do you need to separately purchase license for that ?

      • There are are a few options:

        Lightroom Mobile 20gb + Lightroom Classic for ~$14.XX per month
        Lightroom Mobile only 1TB for same price as above
        Lightroom Mobile 1TB + Lightroom Classic for ~$29.XX per month

  • Affinity Photo
    Give this a shot with their free trial, lots of tutorials on YouTube.
    The one I use a lot is ProCreate but it is more for artwork.

  • I don't do it on my iPad, but suggest giving Affinity a go as well, as I have been incredibly happy with it on PC (coming from the full-fat adobe suite).