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Peaberry Single Origin 1kg Bag $19.99 (Was $39.98), 2x 500g Bags $22.99 (Was $45.98), $7.99 Delivery @ Lime Blue Coffee


Love this coffee😍!!
Email I received this morning…

Good Morning Lime Blue Coffee Family :)

You've (well some of you :) have been asking for a special Brazil Single Origin, we've been listening and searching…We've sampled/cupped a countless amount of SO's from Brazil and finally we have a winner (we think it is), hoorayyy! This SO is quite special, it's a Peaberry from Brazil processed using a natural method, essentially making it is super sweet and vibrant, which balances out the acidity level due to the low altitude in Brazil (generally low altitude correlates to lower acidity/brightness levels). The unique combination of low altitude processed using a natural method results in a surprising, clean, delicious coffee. If you've loved our Moments to Memories blend, you'll sure be in for a real treat with this one, it tastes as if Moments was blending with our recent SO from Peru and Colombia. Out of all the Brazil coffee we've tested, this one is sure showstopper!!!

After multiple requests for a Brazil Single Origin we're very happy to say the moment is finally here, to celebrate we're offering you a 50% discount (only $19.99 per kg, usually $39.98 per kg, see link below) on our current rotating Peaberry Single Origin from Brazil until 26/04/2021 (unless sold out before).

We have options for packing orders in 1kg or 500g bags and shipping via Shipit-Couriers Please or Australia Post to suit your personal preferences. Orders will be dispatched on a rolling basis, ASAP and future dispatch orders notes welcomed.

I hope this finds all members of the Lime Blue Coffee Family having an outstanding week!

Best Wishes,


50% off 1kg-3kg Brazil Peaberry Single Origin (18 variants)

Use code: PARTYINBRAZIL at checkout, or click the link below to automatically apply the discount to your order.

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  • Great price for peaberry

  • I've ordered a Colombian roast from Tom before - very good quality coffee & friendly service can recommend

    • What a wonderful comment, thank you so much for sharing that awesome feedback, I'm so glad we're in your good books!!!

      That's Colombia was one of my favorites, that being said all our coffee is "one of my favourites" in one way or another :)

  • Same here, just ordered another bag, already managed to order 3 other ones previously, can't go wrong with such a price and amazing service.

    • Wow thank you truly for placing your 4th outstanding order with much, your repeated votes of confidence in the team means so much to us!!!

      Loving the feedback you've shared, it's sincerely appreciated :) :) :)

  • Sounds yum. Ordered. I only just got their marketing email as I was ordering..

    • That's amazing, talk about nailing the timing :)

      We so appreciate your order, thank you so much, we hope you love this delicious peaberry!

  • Had some nice coffee from these guys before, so I'll give this one a try. Thanks Tom.

    • Terrific, thanks so much for the vote of confidence and placing another fantastic order with us, fingers crossed we'll be 2 for 2 in your books :)

  • Hi tom, really love to try the Peabody coffee, however, can I have my coffee delivered in 2 weeks? ( i still have 2kg at home haha)

    • OP is just copying the email, you probably want to try them directly.

    • It's in the notes mate "ASAP and future dispatch orders notes welcomed."

    • Sounds terrific, we can sure make that happen for you @alvin17 simply place an order note with your desired dispatch date or send us a follow up email after placing your order.

      Feel free to fire away any other questions you may have :)

  • Nice just about time to reorder some beans.

    • Woohoo talk about perfect timing!

      Thank you so much in advance for placing another order with us, it will be so appreciated :)

  • Is it a good idea to freeze the beans in vacuum bag in the freezer? Would it help it to last 2 months?

    • as long as you are not allowing condensation it should be fine.
      eg. better off freezing in smaller lots rather than taking some out and refreezing.

      • Awesome answer, thank you so much for taking the time to share your helpful input with the Oz B Community!!!

    • Great question!!!

      @dasher86 has nailed the answer on this one, succinct, informative and true, hard to top that answer :)

  • Is this dark or light roast? I just want something that has no/low acidity

    • +1 vote

      Nice questions, better safe than sorry…

      This one is somewhere in the middle, a smidge closer to light than dark if I had to pick; delicious black with enough development time to cut through milk really well for white coffees. I would classify this coffee as technically having low acidity. However, I would say that an individual may interpret the taste as medium acidity, due to combination of it being a peaberry, natural, mixed with how we've developed the unique roast profile (aromatics mixed with sweetness may make you think it's brighter/more acidic than it actually is from a technical/scientific perspective). Our Moments to Memories has the lowest acidity in our range and this Peaberry has the second lowest acidity level. If your go to is a "dark roast" then we may not be the right fit for you, but if your go to is a "dark roast" because that's what you know, then I say walk on the wild side and give this one a shot :)

      • Hi what is your recommended espresso brew recipe (in/out and time) for this?

        • +1 vote

          Morning, nice question!

          For this one:
          -Black is 1 : 2.25 = 20 in : 45 out : over 28 seconds
          -White is 1 : 1 = 20 in : 20 out 18 seconds

          We stick our black & white espresso recipes on our bags, as well as filter for ease of reference. Feel free to fire away any other questions :)

  • +1 vote

    How's that compared to Inglewood?

    • I too am interested in how it compares

    • All the beans are different, and this bean might have a more 'unique' flavour, but on the whole I prefer the Lime Blue to the (also excellent) Inglewood roasts.

      And at this price for a single origin peaberry I would just go for it to try it out!

    • What are you trying to compare? I don't believe Inglewood offer a peaberry-graded S/O or blend.

      • Compare taste

        • Yes taste and value for money. Peaberry seemed to be a fancy name for robusta beans and I am wondering whether it is a good value for money.

          • @azm:

            Peaberry seemed to be a fancy name for robusta beans

            WTF are you talking about?

            Peaberry has nothing to do with the species of the coffee. It's simply the term given to the coffee cherries (robusta AND arabica) which contain a single bean instead of double bean.

            I am wondering whether it is a good value for money.

            Buy a small amount and find out. Just being a peaberry S/O or blend means nothing about how it will taste. Knowing the estate the beans have come from would help but, even then, so much comes down to the profile the roaster users.

        • You can't seriously expect someone else to tell you whether you'll like the taste of a particular type of coffee?

  • Aldi beans are the best and cheapest.

    • There's always one

    • I've been a big fan of Aldi beans for a long time and stopped buying the 'fancy' beans years ago BUT something has recently changed with Aldi. Not producing the crema and consistency it used to (Dark Roast). I've tried 3 different batches over 3 months and all the same.

    • Best at their price point I'd agree with you, the single origin beans are quite nice.

      I can't fault anyone for wanting better tasting beans but these do cost more, nor can I fault the Aldi beans.

      A lot better than most supermarket offerings that don't have a roast date listed on the pack and are not in the optimal 2-4 week window from roast to cup.

    • I used to buy Aldi beans. I ordered my first Lime Blue beans in January and have exclusively ordered from Lime Blue ever since. It's obviously down to individual taste…. but to say that Aldi beans are better than Lime Blue beans boggles my mind….

      • Aldi definitely not the best but the best value imo.

      • Heh I got a friend that thinks supermarket beans are superior to freshly roasted ones. You can't change their mind even with facts because ego

    • Aldi (Lazzio) coffee used to be OK (for the price) but it's turned to shit now, won't be buying it again

  • Any love for Decaf?

    • Agreed, would definitely welcome a decaf deal with these guys. Their SWP decaf even at full price is quite good value, and tasty too. It's my go to if I can't find a deal elsewhere.

      • Morning :)

        Wow thank you for such a wonderfully resounding vote of confidence in our SWP Decaf, woohoo!!!

        It took a bit of work creating a profile we were happy with as the Decaf process changes the structure of the beans in a way which impacts roasting significantly in comparison with a full caffeinated coffee grown in similar conditions; the hard work seems to have paid off :)

        p.s. as mentioned a deal will be happening for our decaf down the track…

    • I agree that decaf (when roasted well) should be shown some love!

      We will do a deal involving decaf in the future, don't have an exact date set yet, in the meantime please send us an email when you have the time :)

  • Thanks OP. Only see Filter or Espresso for ground options. Which one would be more suitable for stove top?

  • Some of the best tasting coffee I've had, and amongst the most affordable coffee I've found. Just placed my third order with Lime Blue. Three of my mates now get onboard every order I make after trying the coffee at my house (french press and espresso). Customer service is second to none. Place an order - you will not be dissapointed.

  • With 46 upvotes in 3 hours I had FOMO.

    Ordered 2kg's to party.

  • Ordered 1kg. do prefer natural over washed so will give this a try.
    Just out of interest which region might this be from ???

  • Loved the coffee I got from a previous deal so more than happy to pull the trigger on this to keep my cold brew addiction fed. Thank you!

  • Tried Peru SO from last deal I wasn’t that impressed the beans didn’t taste / smell very fresh compared to, ONA or Genovese beans but they are half the price.

    I’ll give lime blue one more go as brazil 🇧🇷 SOs are my favourite lets hope for the best 🤞

    • +1 vote

      Morning :)

      Thank you sincerely for reaching out and for your recent order with us, it truly means a shot that you're giving us another shot!!!

      We roast on demand to prevent old coffee going out and wastage, so I assure you the only coffee we send out if super fresh, generally speaking our rule is 0-48 hours after roasting it's out the door. Our deal was half the cost with full price quality. Those two roasters are drastically different to each other, so it's quite interesting that you have used those two as examples. We never comment on other roasters, good, bad or indifferent, simply because we set our own path, hold ourselves to the high standards we've and focus on our terrific customers (and coffee). I wish you'd sent us an email when you first tried the Peru, so I could have the opportunity to trouble shoot with you. Anyway thank you incredibly once again for ordering some of this special SO from Brazil off us, it does really mean a lot to the whole team, we really hope you love it. When you have the time could you please send us an email :)

  • I was just about to place an order and it's already sold out :(

    • +1 vote

      Well you'll be happy to hear that we've secured more green/raw coffee from the importer, so you'll have another opportunity to jump on this one in the near future, please send us an email when you have the time :)

      • Thanks. I ended up ordering some beans from Inglewood as they had a better sale :)

  • Hi @Lime Blue Coffee, any chance of opening up some more slots if we pm you please?

    • +1 vote

      Morning :)

      There'll be another opportunity to get your hands on this special coffee soon…I've replied to your pm :)

  • Missed out this time. When is the next deal?

  • Thank you Tom

    Ordered it on sat delivered this morning