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OPPO A72 Mobile Phone with $30 Optus Optus Prepaid $100 (RRP $279) C&C Only @ Target


Hi there,

Spotted this while on the Target Website, the OPPO a72 is $100 in store, it seems as though the website does not accurately show stock, but there is still some around. Really strong deal as the RRP of this device is $279.

It also comes with a $30 Bonus recharge credit as well, so effectively this device will only cost you $70! BARGAIN

Good all rounder phone, exceptional value for the specs. Unsure of when it expires.

Please note that it is Locked to the Optus network, so some fees may apply to unlock it.

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  • Very very hard to find this in Sydney Target store.

    • Is that because they've all closed or been converted to Kmart?

  • i just found this deal and is very helpful thank you

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    none left in QLD 00S kmart wouldnt price match unless a local target store had stock. anyone try big w to price match?

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    Too little too late, this has been raided yesterday. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/618583

  • It's excellent value for money phone bought it in morning

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    None left at Highpoint Target (Maribyrnong, VIC).

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    Even unlocked it probably won't work on Aldi and other Telstra resellers

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      https://www.optus.com.au/prepaid/phones/oppo/a72 states the following:

      Network Compatibility: Handset has been modified to be optimised for the Optus network and performance on other networks is not guaranteed. Handset has also been modified to have its dual SIM capability removed and it is a single SIM device. Please refer to the Specifications section for specific network compatibility.

    • Wait really? Thanks for telling me, almost bought it.

    • There's reports in original thread that it's not locked at all and worked with Boost SIM

      • IF it's locked and then unlocked => then won't work with Aldi etc.
        IF it's unlocked will work with Aldi etc.

      • I bought one from Target this morning. It is definitely locked.
        Box says it all the needed bands, so should work on any network when unlocked. Some Optus handsets lack 850MHz 3G, so no voice on Telstra MVNOs.

        When activating, it offered me the $40 plans.

        Shop around, you may find more stock.

        • Got one today and tried it with a Kogan/Voda sim and it worked. Others have found that theirs was unlocked also.
          Luck of the draw.

          • @Cheeper: Was it shrink wrapped in plastic?

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              @tunzafun001: Yes, factory sealed.
              After software update it is no longer unlocked, wont recognise my Voda sim.

    • My wife and I have them and are on ALDI.

    • Why?

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    Bought 2 at Target Southland VIC today - one Black, one Purple. As an ex-employee, I can say that Target has stock buffers for online availability, meaning that if a store has 1 unit, it will likely come up as out of stock (2 will likely show as Limited Stock).

    Southland had one of each colour, both of which I bought.

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      i found yesterday that 3 motorola g8s in store came up with limited stock

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    From https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/oppo-a52-a72-a92-android-…

    I managed to get the Android 11 update with a bit of stuffing around and thought I would share for everyone else, I did this on a unlocked Australian variant bought from Optus, you're mileage may vary.

    This will activate dual sim mode on the phone with a single IMEI, I left my location set to Europe so it is upto you if you follow the last step to remove Dual Sim Mode.

    You will need to backup anything you don't wish to lose as a full factory reset is required.

    I did some digging and this will work with the same rom on A52, A72 and A92.

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      The Optus version will update to Android 11 (ColorOS 11.1) all by itself, no hack needed, no reset.

      Looking at that link I tried to download oppo_free_unlock_v1-0-zip.5137589 but Chrome refused as "it is dangerous".
      I guess I'll use a disposable VM to run it. Will that remove the network lock from the phone?

      • Please let us know if it works.

      • Yeah, I bought this today and after updating to the December 2020 security patch, I now have the prompt to update to ColorOS11.1

        • That's great to hear, haven't opened mine yet. Also I was surprised about Oppo getting the a52/72 bumped to Android 11 pretty quick, as my parents unlocked a52 received Android 11 a few months ago, even beating some Samsung's

    • Does this network unlock the phone?

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    Not sure why this deal has been reported as sold out.

    Just picked up the last one from local Target even though the website said no stock…

    • What suburb?

  • Placed an order for A72 online last night and received an email this morning saying "Your order could not be processed". @__#
    Got a Moto g8 power lite instead.

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    It also comes with a $30 Bonus recharge credit as well, so effectively this device will only cost you $70!

    No. A $30 starter kit commonly sells for $10-$15. But OZBargainers rarely use a carrier directly. Better deals are obtained from MVNOs - resellers or subsidiaries.

    • Do you have to activate the supplied SIM for the bonus credit i.e. start a new phone number or can the bonus credit be applied to an existing prepaid service?

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        It is tied to the supplied SIM. You also need to activate it to start the 6 month wait for $25 unlock.

        But you can port your existing number to the new service. If you are already on Optus prepaid, you may need to port out and back.

        • Got it, thank you C:

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    Suddenly search Target website with no result for stock in Mildura, VIC yesterday. But when i got to store and found it has 3 and grab them with no thinking. It is really worth for specification against its promotional price.

    • Keen to buy one off you, posted to Melb?

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        If you’re still looking for one, I just returned one to Knox city target. Not sure if it’ll help you. It’s a purple one.

        • Thanks mate, got one already.

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    Hi, I purchased one from Marden in SA. Has anyone activated the included sim? Did it come with a bonus $30 recharge as the fine print states as possibly having ended last year. Thanks

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    Does it have $30 voucher?
    Pretty sure that voucher finished in October 2020???

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      No "voucher", but when I activated I was offered the $40 plan. I have 10GB and 42 days unlimited calls.

      • well then thats even better $40 voucher starter kit

  • I got one, but haven't opened it yet as I want to be sure it will work on Telstra/ Belong/ Kogan once unlocked.

    • Well my both locked. Opened already. Unless I can unlock or port to Optus, I'm going to have to sell em as is.

  • Does it come with the plastic clear case?

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      Mine did.

    • yes

  • My A72 automatically updated to Android 11. Cant notice any real difference but I see Android Auto is now in the settings menu.
    Edit… After updating it no longer accepts the Kogan/Voda sim… says it is locked to carrier. :-(
    Took the sim ok before update.

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  • What colors did people get???

    Maybe the purple one is UNLOCKED??? Hoping

    Got black and purple

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      Purple. Was unlocked… updated and now locked. IMEI in Optus unlock page says it is not locked. Grrr

      • Frustrating. Do the lock is built into the rom Optus is pumping out?

      • Seems like the really stock was unlocked but subsequent updates lock the phone. Newer stock is locked already.

    • One purple, one black both locked.

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    Nightmare to unlock

    • Why? What did I Optus say?

      • Activate a sim and pay $80.

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        Nightmare to unlock

        Agreed! I was told I had to add $50 more as it came with $30. The rep I spoke to had got this from the "unlock dept" while I was on hold.

        But if enter the IMEI on the Optus unlock webpage, it says the phone is not locked. I need to go to Optus store, probably to wait around for ages and fail.

        Also, while the box says it has band 5 (850MHz 3G) , the Oppo website says it may be disabled. May not work with Telstra MVNOs that need 3G voice.

        Much easier to leave it locked and use an Optus network service such as Coles, Catch Connect, Amaysim etc. I've wasted too much time already. Will just port my kids' services to Coles Mobile, and use the current $99/year special.

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    I got my unlock code from Optus in 2 days. I just told the person on chat that I cannot use the website to unlock as it says it was unlocked and they told me they sent a request to the backend team to get the unlock code for the phone. They did not ask for any payment but I am a long time customer broadband and just ported over to prepaid Optus using the Sim that came with the phone. Once I got the code it was a nightmare to unlock as some of the characters looked the same ie little L and capital i
    I used the phone with no Sim and wifi and used this code *#475838912# to get the unlock code screen up and entered to code to unlock.

    • Does every phone have a unique code to unlock? The unlock code provided to you, can this be used with other A72 handsets to unlock the phone?

  • No it's unique to your IMEI

  • mine doesnt seem to have come with the sim recharge $30
    the package says only contains the prepaid sim NO RECHARGE

  • One left (purple) at Target (Newton) South Australia which I just took off hold today if you still looking

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